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  1. Robyn Y says

    I would have flowers sent for my 3 lovely daughters, with a note to tell them that I will always be thankful I got to be their mom for the rest of my days, no matter what. A mom’s love never dims.

  2. Yaritza Hernandez says

    I would buy my lovely mother a beautiful bouquet!

  3. Stephanie Larison says

    I would buy my mom a beautiful bouquet.

  4. chelsey c says

    my mom

  5. Megan B says

    I would use these flowers to buy something special for my Mother. She is taking care of my dad who is confined to a wheelchair, as well as helping me raise my 5 month old daughter. I couldnt do it without her

  6. Holly E says

    I would purchase flowers for my beautiful mommy.

  7. Rachel Travis says

    I would send flowers to my cousin and my mom!

  8. Vicki Fischer says

    I would love to buy flowers for my wonderful husband.

  9. Julia says

    I would by flowers for my daughter-in-law. She has made amazing sacrafices for her husband and children. She is a military wife and a lot of times she is not only the mom, the wife, but also has to fill the shoes of her husband when he is gone. She is a very strong and wonderful woman that I admire and am thankful my son and grandchildren have her in their life. Sending her flowers is my way of telling her how much I appreciate her and all that she does for everyone else.


    FOR MOM and granny!

  11. Kimberly M. says

    I would buy flowers for a relative that lives in another state. Probably my sister in Florida for her birthday or one of her children that are now adults.

  12. tammy shelton says

    I would use it for my daughter. She’s an awesome Mom to my Grandsons.

  13. Tyneisha says

    I’d buy flowers for my great aunt!

  14. Tonya Atkinson says

    My mom and my sister

  15. breanna pollard says

    I would buy some for my mom!

  16. Melanie says

    i would love to send a beautiful bouquet to my mother.

    1. Benjamin R says

      My 18 year wedding anniversary is approaching so I would get my beautiful bride the biggest flower arrangement she has ever received! I don’t get flowers often but I would go big then! 🙂

  17. Kay Vega says

    I would send flowers to my mom and sister!

  18. Sherry Keef says

    My Sister

  19. susan smoaks says

    i would send these to my mother in law

  20. ali celestino says

    I’d buy flowers for my mother.

  21. alena svetelska says

    i would sent roses to my mom.

  22. evelyngoettner@gmail.com says

    I would buy flowers for my Mother in law.

  23. Karrie says

    I would buy for my aunt. She is the mother in my life

  24. Sabrina P says

    I’d love some flowers to remind me of my mom. I miss her so.

  25. Tina Demarco says

    on my momma

  26. hilda torres says

    my mom

  27. Kim O says

    I would buy for my mom, she so deserves this. I can’t afford to take her out to dinner so this would be awesome.

  28. Stephanie Davis says

    My best friend recently passed and I would send the flowers to her family.

  29. barbara brown says

    I would give flowers to my aunt, who has been so wonderful to me, and loves me like her own daughter.She stopped in to take the place of her sister, my mom, when my mom died vary young.

  30. Tina Harris says

    I would buy my Mom a beautiful arrangement <3

  31. Marilyn Legault says

    I would love to give some flowers to my daughter who is going through a rough patch right now with the kids and could use a pick me up.

  32. Tina G. says

    I would get some beautiful flowers for my Mother!!

  33. Melissa Douglass says

    I would buy flowers for my grandma!

    1. Teleflora says

      Congratulations Melissa, you WON!!!! I hope your grandma loves her flowers.
      Best, Michelle

      I sent you an email so you can redeem your prize.

  34. Eva D says

    my mom who deserves a colorful bouqet

  35. Nicole Vosburgh says

    I’d love to buy some flowers for my mama!

  36. Amy Orvin says

    I would buy flowers for my mom. Thank you.

  37. richelle leffler says

    for my daughter

  38. Linda Peavy says

    I would send flowers to my mom. She deserves them so much.

  39. Courtney Taylor says

    My Mom!

  40. Betsy Domingue says

    My mom<3

  41. Angela says

    I would order something for myself, because I am a good person.

  42. Jessica says

    I would send it to my mom. She is amazing and I haven’t got to see her in 2 years because we don’t live close to each other.

  43. Tammy Richards says

    I would like to purchase a fresh flower bouquet for my wedding.

  44. Reachingforthestars15@gmail.com says

    I would love to have a fresh floral bouquet for my wedding 🙂

  45. Dana Esker says

    I would buy something for my mom

  46. Brandon says

    Of course I would buy flowers for Mom!

  47. Pamela Lhotka says

    Love the arrangement withe purple vase and the necklace.

  48. rrc123@comcast.net says

    I would love to send these to my mom!

  49. Annette says

    I’d buy the flowers for my neighbor.

  50. Maiya Bonilla says

    My mother could certainly use a little pick me up with flowers as mother’s day is coming up and her birthday only two days later she truly would love it and I like being able to make my mother smile.

  51. Jennifer H. says

    I would buy flowers for my mom.

  52. Charlene says

    I would send my step daughter some flowers.

  53. Darla Peduzzi says

    I would use the gift card for my daughter! She’s a wonderful mother 🙂

  54. Jenette says

    I would buy flowers for my mom.

  55. Tammy Schweitzer Catterton says

    I would buy them for my Mom thanks

  56. Denise Anderson says

    I would definitely Spend it all on Mothers Day for Mom.

  57. cheryl fisher says

    I would give my mother flowers. She loves the beauty and smell.

  58. Michelle S says

    My husband. He loves flowers

  59. deanna hanson says

    my mom for sure!!

  60. CharityS says

    I would buy flowers for my mom.

  61. Renee says

    I would send them to my mum. I haven’t seen or spent Mother’s Day with her since I graduated college over 20 years ago 🙁 We live in different states and I usually visit in the summer. She absolutely gets giddy over flowers.

  62. Christina Z says

    I would buy for my Mom who could use some cheering up. She is helping take care of my Grandmother who is ill.

  63. dterry1@san.rr.com says

    I would take them to the nursing home up the street

    1. Michelle says

      If I won I would spilt it in two send a flowers to my auntie who is 95 that is more like a Grandmother to me she was there for me my entire life She deserves the world. Then the other half I would use to send to my mother inlaw she has been our savior in the last 11yrs she also deserves the world in my eye also and at the moment the both of them have things going on in there lives that these flowers could put a great big smile on there face.

  64. jason friedly says

    I would definitely by flowers for my beautiful girlfriend. She works hard raising our two year old twin daughters everyday. She is the light of my life and means the world to me. I love you Steph.

  65. Oanh H. says

    I would buy flower bouquet for my mom.

  66. Linda Miller says

    I would send flowers to my Mother

  67. stephaniet says

    I would get flowers for my mom for Mothers day! She totally deserves them!

  68. CONNIE DAVIS says

    I would send a bouquet to daughter number one(44 yrs, old), whom the Lord blessed me to be able to carry and deliver (though we both almost died), a bouquet to daughter number two(24 yrs old) whom the Lord blessed me to be able to literally raiseand to my Aunt. This aunt is the youngest of my mother’s siblings and so much like my MOM. She is eighty now and I cannot get out to see her as much as SHE needs to see me and not as much as I need to see, commune, and just BE WITH her. The FATHER, my DADDY-GOD blessed me to have these two females in my life to RAISE them. And my Aunt has always been that “other MOM” to me. I love her sooooooooooo dearly and I am truly thankful for the gift of MOTHERHOOD!

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