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Why flowers go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and flowers go together like peanut butter and jelly, and many women might even expect to receive a beautiful bouquet on the day of love. Even though flowers seem to be synonymous with the special day, some people might not fully understand how the connection came about.

Hub Pages website reports there are a number of myths behind why women tend to get flowers on this holiday. The most well-known story has to do with the tale of Priest Valentine who continued to marry couples against the orders of the Roman Emperor Claudius III. When Claudius discovered what Valentine was doing, he sentenced him to death for disobeying the law. During his imprisonment, Valentine fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. Before his death, Valentine gave the young woman a love note with a single red rose in it, and the rest seems to be history.

Sending Valentine’s Day roses to your special lady this February 14 is sure to let her know how you feel about her. An arrangement like Steal My Heart Rose Bouquet by Teleflora might be a perfect option since the 18 red roses are accented with lovely lavender waxflowers that help the roses stand out and shine.

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Steal My Heart Rose Bouquet

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