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What do white roses represent?

What Do White Roses Represent?

When it comes to roses, there is a rainbow of available colors, each of which possesses a very particular meaning. While certainly a vibrant red or yellow rose can be stunning, white roses have a special significance. These blossoms are no doubt the ultimate floral symbol of innocence, and they carry with them a certain serenity and peace that is bound to be felt by anyone who beholds them. The subtle beauty of a white rose is what makes it so versatile and perfect for a variety of occasions, too. There is more to these blossoms than meets the eye, though – they are just as complex as they are enchanting.

Have you ever wondered about what the white rose represents? Here are some interesting facts about these elegant blooms:

Ancient roots
For centuries, white roses have held a strong importance in many cultures. According to Flower Experts, the white rose was associated with the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman times. The myth said that all roses were white until Aphrodite pricked herself with the thorns and turned them all red. Later, in the Victorian era, suitors sent bouquets of white roses to those they intended on pursuing to signify the beginning of a courtship.

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Today, you're likely to see brides carrying white roses down the aisle. This began at Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840, at which white roses were plentiful. This launched a tradition that was passed down through the years.

Historical importance
Did you know that white roses have held great significance in history, especially in regard to politics and religion? According to The Fountain, these blossoms have held a particular importance in Christianity. The Virgin Mary is often linked with the white rose – in fact, she has been referred to as the Mystical Rose of Heaven. This is not surprising, as the color white typically symbolizes purity, joy, light and glory in the Christian religion – traits that are all considered among Mary's virtues.

These flowers have also been associated with loyalty, trust and secrecy due to their role in certain historical events. For example, the white rose was the official symbol of House of York supporters in the War of the Roses, which took place in England during King Henry VII's reign during the 15th century.

According to the Rye Castle Museum, white roses were also abundant in medieval gardens, especially due to their association with the Virgin Mary. Many gardens featured a combination of white and red roses, which made for stunning, fragrant displays. Additionally, the link to secrecy is relevant during this era as well, as speaking amid white roses was supposed to indicate a confidential conversation.

Sentimental value
Long before red roses became the most recognized symbol of true love, white roses held that significance. Now, though, they are used to express a multitude of different messages and emotions.

The white rose is one of the most traditional wedding flowers – and it makes sense. The fact that these blossoms represent purity makes them a fitting flower for celebrating a new romantic and marital bond. Additionally, white roses have been associated with young love, which also makes them perfect for a bridal bouquet. Considering the fact that white roses often convey a feeling of hope, they can symbolize other new beginnings besides marriage as well.

It's also worth noting that honor, admiration and adoration are all linked to white roses, which is why they are frequently seen at a memorial for the departed. White funerary and sympathy arrangements will often include these blossoms as a visual indication of respect, remembrance and spiritual love.

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