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What Are Some Good Ideas for Thanksgiving Host Gifts?

With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, you have a lot to start thinking about and preparing for. Even if you’re not going to be the “host with the most” this year, you should still get some things together prior to Turkey Day, particularly the dishes you’ve opted to make this year, whether it’s a savory stuffing, a sweet cherry tart or both! Most of all, you’ll want to be a gracious guest when someone else is hosting Thanksgiving. You can show your appreciation for the host’s kindness by presenting them with a small but generous party favor. Here are a few of our favorite Thanksgiving host gifts:

Good Bottle of Wine

Even if you’re planning on bringing a bottle of wine for the guests to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day, you should bring along a second, nicer bottle of wine specifically for the hosts to enjoy on their own. With the time your hosts spend cleaning, cooking and preparing for the big day, there’s no doubt they could use a good bottle of wine to enjoy in the days following the Thanksgiving festivities. If you’re feeling extra generous, bring along some new wine glasses that your friends can hold onto for years to come.

Spa Gift Card

Hosting any holiday is certainly not a walk in the park. Thanksgiving in particular is a difficult day for hosts, between waking up before the sun rises to put the turkey in the oven, coordinating with guests on what dishes they are bringing, and strategically planning where and when to place each item in the oven and on the stovetop. Additionally, even though their guests may offer to help with the kitchen cleanup, the hosts will be left to deal with the deep cleaning that comes with having a bunch of people at their home.

To thank them for the hard work they will no doubt put forth when hosting Thanksgiving, give them a gift card for a massage, manicure or facial. That way, your hosts can clear their heads and unwind, feeling refreshed for the upcoming hecticness of the holidays.

New Set of Dish Towels

Whether they host every holiday or only one festivity a year, your hosts might want to add a little something extra to their kitchen when they have guests over. A lovely set of dish towels can add a pop of color and fun to their kitchen, while giving them more materials to use when cleaning up afterwards. They might be a cute fall design with pumpkins, cornucopias and leaves, or they could be a solid deep shade like maroon, orange or navy. No matter what look you choose, your host will be pleased to have a new set of go-to dish towels for the autumn.

Bouquet of Flowers

Last but certainly not least, you can never go wrong giving an elegant arrangement of Thanksgiving flowers to the host of your Thanksgiving dinner. Even if they have their home decorated for fall, they’ll be grateful for another item to use as a centerpiece or accent to an otherwise empty end table. Shop our selection of fall flowers to find the right bouquet to thank your Thanksgiving host for welcoming them you into their home.Orange lilies, yellow carnations, purple mums and more fill a thanksgiving centerpiece

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