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Easy Tricks to Keep Your Pets Away from Plants

Pet lovers shouldn’t have to choose between fresh flowers in their home and Fido, but chances are if you’re an animal owner, you may shy away from treating yourself to a gorgeous bouquet. Your pup might get a bit too curious about your pretty arrangement, and before you know it the he/she has knocked it on the floor. Or, your beloved feline may just be a little too tempted by curiosity, and suddenly the petals have a nibbled appearance.

However, flower and plant lovers don’t need to shun gorgeous plants and flowers just because they share their home with an animal or two. There are some great pet-friendly flowers and plants that won’t give your pets a tummy ache should they do some exploring, but there are also a few useful techniques to keep your pets away from plants.


Arrange Your Flowers Wisely

Anyone with a rambunctious pooch will know he or she can get a little overexcited – mostly unintentionally. If you can’t always keep your pets off the couch or from leaping around the living room when you get home from work, keep your flowers in a different place. Of course, they will look lovely on your coffee table, but if you know your dog will knock them over, find a better spot. Move around some books and create space on a bookshelf, add your bouquet to the kitchen counter, or place your vase on top of your bar cart out of harm’s way.


Pick Pet-Friendly Plants

Some plants and flowers are downright poisonous for pets, and unless unexpectedly gifted with forbidden flowers, it is best to keep these out of your home. There are plenty of beautiful flowers that are pet-friendly. Look for bouquets that include, phalaenopsis orchids, gerbera daisies or roses. These pretty flowers come in plenty of colors, presenting plenty of options to decorate your home. Be aware of the safe flowers for dogs and cats and the symptoms of poisoning if there is an accident.


Look to Your Kitchen

Sick of little teeth marks in the leaves? Your potted plants probably aren’t thrilled about being part of your cat’s snack, so it’s time to take action to keep the greenery indoors. According to Gardening Know-how, you can sprinkle some cayenne pepper in your plants. It won’t harm them, and cats loathe the smell. Don’t go too crazy with the spice; you won’t want the whole household and kitty to be sneezing. Prefer a more pleasant-smelling remedy? Place some lemon and orange peels inside the plant pot. Be sure to change them somewhat regularly; cats aren’t too fond of the citrus scent and will steer clear.


Your pretty flower arrangements and favorite, faithful friends can co-exist together, without you having to clean up spilled vases and pots. With a little planning, a bit of patience and some good, old-fashioned creativity, your plants and flowers will be less attractive to your furry companions, and you can still decorate your home with lively greenery and beautiful bouquets.

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