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Ways to Get a Head Start on Valentine’s Day Gift Shopping

The most treasured gifts are the ones with careful thought and consideration for the recipient. With the year’s most romantic holiday just over two weeks away, the best way to get a head start on shopping is to start seriously thinking about how you’re going to treat your special someone. Keep these tips in mind to prepare for Valentine’s Day gift shopping:


Flowers are a Necessity

For most couples, Valentine’s Day doesn’t feel complete without the romantic gesture of giving their other half a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Check out our Valentine’s Day flowers collection to find the perfect arrangement, choose Feb. 14 for delivery and you’re all set. If you happen to be reading this a little too close to the special day, don’t worry! We offer same-day flower delivery for last minute orders.

When you actually give your loved one the flowers is up to you. Think about his/her schedule and the plans you’ve made together to celebrate. You can shower him/her with love in the morning with breakfast in bed accompanied by a sweet card and the bouquet. Alternatively, have the flowers delivered to your valentine’s office so he/she knows you’re thinking of them before you grab dinner later that night. However you do it, the important thing is to make sure there are flowers somewhere in the mix on Valentine’s Day!


Enlist the Internet for Help

If you need inspiration for what to get your significant other, check out the stores and publications they love. If your loved one is always talking about the article he/she reads from Refinery29, the New Yorker, or a favorite blogger, head to those websites to see if they’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Odds are your significant other will be partial to the gifts they suggest. Plus, if you decide what you want to give your special someone in advance, you’ll have time to order it online without worrying about it arriving on time. If you live together, get it shipped to your office or a friend’s house to avoid ruining the surprise.


Keep Your Ears Open to Hints

Make sure you’re listening extra carefully to him or her as the holiday approaches. Chances are he/she mentions a new item, trend or event that has piqued his/her interest. Has your valentine talked about needing a new phone case, trying a new restaurant, wanting to see an upcoming concert or visiting specific travel destinations this year? That’s your cue to purchase the item, book the reservation or score the tickets! While he/she will definitely be excited about the gift, he/she will also appreciate how you listened and cared about his/her interests.


Get Crafty

If you’re already planning what to get your special someone, you have time to buy the supplies for a thoughtful, handmade gift. This could be a jar of date night ideas, a DIY candle or plant containers or homemade bath bombs. If you don’t entirely trust your creative skills, you can use the internet for help again. Order custom engraved wine bottles, glasses, picture frames, jewelry, golf balls, journals or other items based on their interests. You can also order custom artwork, like a photo collage or family memories map with your hometowns, where you met, where you’ve lived together or your annual summer vacation destination. Or, you can order custom typography wall art with your family name, significant coordinates or important dates. The personal touch certainly won’t go unnoticed.


Happy shopping! With some extra thought and planning on your end, this year’s Valentine’s Day gift might just be the one he/she remembers forever.

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