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Ways to Embrace the Colors of Fall

One of the best things about flower arrangements is that they are absolutely perfect for every time of year. Of course, the featured colors and types of flowers change depending on the season, but be it winter, spring, summer or fall, it is always possible to find a festive bouquet. Since we’re on the cusp of a new season and all the delights that come with it, we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate the colors that come with the cooler weather and changing leaves. Here are a few ways to embrace the colors of fall:


Welcome the Muddy Fall Colors

Bringing fall flowers into your home will surely enhance that glorious feeling of crisp coziness. No, that doesn’t mean just grabbing a bunch of leaves. It means seeking out a bouquet that compliments the colors of fall. Think of dark red flowers, yellows and orange hues when selecting blooms for your home. The colors should match the beautiful falling leaves outside and evoke a sense of change. Yes, fall is also all about change – the change of seasons, the change of foliage and the change of your home. Darker hues, browns and deep reds can enhance this feeling – and certainly bring the outside in. 


Create a Calm, Cozy Home

There’s certainly something calming and graceful about fall flowers, but it is also amazing to bring darker hues into the home. Stock up your house with chunky knit blankets, warm candle scents, and wood to burn the occasional fire on a cold night. If you are feeling the need to stay home more, now that summer is over, you might even be looking for a new hobby. There is never a better time to perfect your apple pie or apple cider recipe. They are small changes but will help reflect the changes going on outside in an easy and affordable manner.


Bring the City to the Country

Many people live in cities where trees are more sparse. If you have friends or family who crave fall foliage, now is a great time to set up a group trip to go hiking or sightseeing in the mountains. It can be a very inexpensive weekend trip and a great way to bond and unwind before the craziness of the holidays begins. If someone can’t make it, then sending them a fall flower arrangement in a keepsake vase will at least make them feel special,


Despite the lack of outdoor flowers in the fall, a seasonal arrangement is a great way to celebrate nature’s ebb and flow. Adding fall flowers to your home is the perfect way to welcome the season and the amazing colors that come with it, while you are also preparing for the cooler weather.

orange lilies and red mums in vase

Insider Tip: Chrysanthemums are one of fall’s most popular flowers and we have your fall flower guide to mums to help you decorate, gift, and landscape them. 

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