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Valentine's Day Present Ideas for a Long-Distance Love

Valentine's Day is the ultimate holiday for couples who want to celebrate their love for each other, but for some pairs, it's not always possible to observe the holiday together. However, couples in long-distance relationships can still show love and affection for each other without being in the same state.

One perfect way to celebrate the holiday is to have a beautiful Valentine-themed bouquet delivered! Pick out one of Teleflora's four arrangements from the Get a Room sweepstakes for a chance to win $25,000, and the arrangement will be hand-delivered to their office or home. Each bouquet is a unique mix of romantic roses, carnations and more, and the best part is that they come in keepsake vases your partner can hang onto forever!

Along with sending a bouquet, consider putting together a Valentine's Day package to send to your sweetheart, wherever they may be. Here are a few items you can include in a romantic gift box:

A Handwritten Love Note
The more handmade items you include in a gift package the better, because your partner will love knowing you took the time to make something yourself. For that reason, make a card instead of buying one this year, and include a heartfelt handwritten message. Don't be afraid to get sappy – the occasion definitely calls for it! If you aren't particularly artistic, some office supply and drug stores have photo shops that can turn your favorite photos and designs into a unique card. 

A Framed Photo
Pick up a pretty frame (or better yet paint one yourself), and fill it with a cherished picture of the two of you. If you can't decide which photo to send, have a few printed, put one in the frame, and send the rest in an envelope so your partner can decide which one to use and what to do with the others. 

A Homemade Treat
Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like some sweet treats. Hershey's kisses are appropriate for the holiday, and candy hearts are a beloved classic. However, to make the gift even more special, spend some time making cookies, fudge or another treat yourself. As long as it's nonperishable and in an airtight container, your dessert should be able to make the trip. 

Like flowers, jewelry is a very traditional Valentine's Day gift, but yours can be as nontraditional as you want. Find a cool watch that will remind your partner of you every time they wear it. Or, see if you can find simple rings or bracelets that will look good on both of you, and buy a matching set. That way you can feel a little more connected despite the distance when you're both wearing yours. 

Small Souvenirs
If your sweetheart has favorite shops or restaurants they like to visit when they're in town, pick up a few small items from each one to include in the package. Or find some funny little souvenirs from local sports teams or tourist attractions you've visited together. Even though you won't be able to be together, the familiar items will make your significant other feel closer to you. 

Tickets to a Show
This one may require a little research, but it will definitely be worth it. Take a look online to see if there will be any plays, concerts or other fun events going on in your partner's town in the next few months, and if you see one they'll like, pick up a couple tickets. They'll be able to bring a friend along, and they'll love that you gave them the opportunity to have such a fun experience. 

No matter what you send, make sure you put a lot of thought into what your sweetheart will love!

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