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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

It’s hard to believe we’re already a whole month into the new year. Soon, we’ll have the chance to open the windows and let the fresh air roll in on a beautiful spring day. Until then, we still have another winter holiday to celebrate: Valentine’s Day. A day for the romantics, Feb. 14 is the perfect opportunity to ask your crush out on a date, celebrate your significant other or spend time with any of your other loved ones. What’s best? This year, the loving holiday lands on a Friday, so all the more reason to get out and have some fun.

Not sure what to gift your special someone this year? Here are a few simple Valentine’s Day gift ideas to consider:

Their Favorite Chocolates

One of the most timeless and traditional gifts on Valentine’s Day happens to be chocolates – who doesn’t love a delicious box of assorted decadence this time of year? Find out your significant other’s favorite type of chocolates and gift the biggest box you can find.

A Personalized Trinket

There’s something so spectacular about receiving a present with your name on it. It shows that there was lots of love, dedication and time put into the gift-giving process. From picture frames and keychains to coffee mugs and flasks, there are dozens of different personalized items you can gift to your special someone this year.

Home-Baked Goodies

Have a knack for baking? Interested in trying that new recipe your loved one has eyed up for the last few months? Take the time to make some fresh baked goods as a sign of your appreciation.

A Night Out

Did we mention Valentine’s Day lands on a Friday this year? Now’s the perfect time to start planning the ideal night out on the town with your significant other. Maybe that’s dinner and movie, or maybe it’s a quick coffee date to your favorite bistro. Whatever your plans, make sure to make them in advance – it’s likely to be a busy night out this year!

A Little Break

This gift is perfect for the parents out there who are constantly running around checking something off of the agenda. Hire a babysitter or take care of those menial tasks to take a load off of your loved one for the night.

Flowers Say it Best on Valentine’s Day

Flowers and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. If you’re looking for a floral arrangement that specifically represents feelings of admiration, go with a traditional bouquet of roses, as this flower has been a representation of love since the Victorian ages. Red, pink and white flowers are very popular on this holiday as well, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those are your only choices. Remember, there are dozens of different bouquet options to choose from at Teleflora – whether Valentine’s Day themed or not – so have fun browsing through our arrangements to find the perfect one for your perfect one.

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