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Valentine’s Day Dates to Sweep Them Off Their Feet

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in what always seems to become a competition to show the most love and appreciation. In doing this, sometimes you can lose touch with the most important aspect of the holiday: each other. If you’re floundering trying to find a balance between impressive, memorable and meaningful to create the perfect evening for your significant other, take a look at these ideas for spontaneous, romantic Valentine’s Day dates that are sure to sweep them off their feet.

Take Them on a Sunset Cruise.

Coastal cities typically run sunset cruises in the warmer months, if not year round. If your city has one, you’ll need to book tickets on a Valentine’s Day cruise before they sell out. Since this isn’t 100% spontaneous, you could also decide to rent a swan boat on the nearest lake and enjoy a champagne picnic on the water. The latter would make for a much more intimate evening, not to mention it would likely cost less. 

Heat Things Up with a Bonfire.

Stay warm and cozy with a bonfire this Valentine’s Day. The best part of a fire is that it makes the night last longer; your date could last from early dusk until late into the starlit night. Bring along big flannels to bundle up and some chestnuts and marshmallows for roasting over the flames. You can take your fire to the woods, the beach, or even just the backyard for a sweet evening of marshmallows and kisses (the chocolate kind and otherwise).

Stick to the Classics: Wine and Chocolate.

Elevate your wine and chocolate game by making a date out of it. Look up some wine bars in your area and plan a crawl with pit stops for desserts. If you really want to step it up, you can turn the evening into a multiple-destination tasting. Start with sparkling at the first bar, then move up to white, rose, red, and port as the night goes on. Many establishments offer snacks and sweet treats on their bar menus, so you won’t have to worry about making a reservation for a table at every place you go.

After your date, surprise your significant other with flowers, candles and maybe even a romantic bath at home. Browse our beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquets to find the perfect arrangement for your love. Regardless of how you end up passing the evening, make sure to take the time to slow down and enjoy your time together. In a fast paced and often overwhelming world, it’s important to appreciate the quiet moments, especially on days when time is specifically allotted to doing so. Here’s to having a happy Valentine’s Day this year, and many more to come.

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