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Top ways to congratulate newlyweds

Fall is a great time to get married and if you recently attended the wedding of a family member or a close friend, there are a few ways to help them keep the love alive. Coming down from the excitement of a wedding and honeymoon can be a challenge for some newlyweds, especially since most people have to head back to work and fall into their regular routine soon after the festivities are over. Although coming back to reality can be a bit depressing, there are certain things you can do to help.

1. Have food ready for them
Having to think about making lunches and dinners after a honeymoon can be a real drag. If you have access to your friends or family member’s home, it may be a nice gesture to stock their fridge with a few meals they can just pop in the oven upon their return. A nice casserole or lasagna are perfect and easy meals to try.

2. Host a welcome back party
Another great way to help welcome the happy couple back from honeymoon bliss is to host a small gathering a few weeks after they get back. Make sure to invite their closest friends and make it a potluck style affair so no one is stuck in the kitchen all night.

3. Send congratulation flowers
Finding a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the front door may be the surprise your newlywed friends or family members need post-vacation. Sending a congratulations gift like Teleflora’s Box of Sunshine Bouquet is sure to impress as the mix of bright yellow roses and fresh green hydrangea comes in a stunning natural bamboo cube vase that gives off an exotic feel.

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Teleflora's Box of Sunshine Bouquet

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