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Top Purple Bouquets for February

Though February is a time when pinks and reds dominate decor because of Valentine’s Day, the color that should really represent the month of February is purple. Not only does the primrose – the flower of the month – typically bloom in purple hues, but the amethyst is also the official birthstone of February. This stone ranges in shades of purple, from a light lavender to a deep plum, just like the gorgeous flowers that Teleflora offers for your favorite February babies. If you want to stray from a traditional birthday arrangement, consider one of these purple bouquets this month:


Pleasing Purple

This new, trendy arrangement is a part of Teleflora’s Color Splash collection. Complete with light purple roses, chrysanthemums and carnations, along with white asiatic lilies, this bouquet is about as purple as purple can get! These fragrant flowers will be delivered in a cool lavender-colored cube vase, which will be perfect to use as a candle holder long after the flowers have served their purpose!

purple flowers in purple vase
Enchanted Cottage
If you’re looking to channel the vibe of your weekend getaway with a Teleflora bouquet, look no further than the Enchanted Cottage. This white and purple arrangement contains white roses, lavender wax flower and green pitta nigra, all tied together with a satin ribbon in a classic clear vase. This is the perfect option if you want something romantic but not predictable.

White roses and purple stock flowers
Zen Artistry
Looking for something to be delivered to your friend or significant other’s office? Look no further than the Zen Artistry arrangement. This modern and exotic display makes the perfect desk decoration. Purple dendrobium orchids, green carnations, punk Sweet William, green hypericum, palm leaves, equisetium, galax leaves and sheet moss housed in a square dish will have everyone who walks by his or her desk asking where it came from!

Purple orchids

Lavender Chiffon Bouquet
If the recipient of your bouquet is a fan of the retro or vintage aesthetic, consider the Lavender Chiffon Bouquet. Like many of Teleflora’s arrangements, it comes with a gorgeous keepsake vase, but this one looks like it could have come straight from an antique store! The pink roses, purple alstroemeria and cushion spray chrysanthemums are housed in a hand-cut purple glass votive bowl from Teleflora’s exclusive Flowers-in-a-Gift collection that can be used for just about anything once he or she is done with the flowers!
Island Princess
Looking for an arrangement for someone who’s not into traditional gifts? If you wouldn’t think to get your girl a dozen roses, look no further than the Island Princess. One of Teleflora’s most exotic arrangements, it’s home to purple orchids, ferns, red ti leaves and other tropical leaves in the shape of a heart. And of course, such a romantic arrangement couldn’t just go in any old vase. This arrangement is presented in a dark purple cube that she can use as a candle holder later.

purple orchid in cube vase

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