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Top Porch Decorating Trends for Fall

It’s always important to have the inside of your home feel polished and attractive. Particularly in the fall, you’ll want to have the front of your house looking festive for trick-or-treaters and friends you’ve invited to your Halloween party. Working with the blank canvas that is your front porch, you’ll need to be creative and think outside the box. When you’re looking for the right place to start, check out our tips and tricks to porch decorating this fall.

White Out

When you first think of a dreamy autumnal front porch, you might imagine shades of orange, yellow and brown, colors that are reminiscent of the changing leaves. There’s no doubt this color scheme is classic and stunning. But when you’re looking to change things up a bit, you might think about decorating your porch in rich shades of white.

You’ve surely seen your local grocery stores and farmer’s stands packed with miniature and full-sized white pumpkins. Pick some up and pair them with gourds in delicate shades of tan and beige. If you’ve got the space for it, place some of your favorite white furniture pieces on your porch to create a welcoming entryway. Make sure you use durable tables, chairs and armoires in your outdoor space; fall weather can be unruly and you don’t want any fragile or valuable pieces getting ruined.

Get Rustic with Hay

The fall is all about using crops in your decorating. Pumpkins, gourds, stalks of corn, and hay bales can give some charm to the most basic front porch. If you decide to purchase some large bales, stack some pumpkins and other pieces on top of it, using it as both a decoration and a surface. If you’d rather work with smaller pieces of hay, you can use them as accent pieces, along the columns and sides of your home, or on top of surfaces.

Hang an Autumnal Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for the December holidays! Placing a fall wreath on your front door can add a welcoming vibe. As your friends and trick-or-treaters wait for you to answer the door, they will be at eye level with a wreath made from twigs, autumn leaves, cranberries and even miniature pumpkins. No fall-themed front porch is complete without a decorated door, and this addition gives an extra layer to your festive entryway.

When you’d like the inside of your home to look as autumnal and picturesque as your front porch, check out our selection of fall flowers. Your seasonal decorations shouldn’t be limited to the outdoors; add some fall arrangements to your foyer, living room and dining room for some extra festive cheer.Orange roses, pink lilies, red mum, and more fill a silver vase with fall foliage in the background

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