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Top Gifts to Give on National Siblings Day

This year, National Siblings Day falls on April 10th. Even though it’s smack-dab in the middle of the week, don’t hesitate to surprise them with something to show how much you appreciate your relationship. Here are some of our favorite gifts you can give to your brother or sister to brighten up their day and tighten your bond:

New Cologne or Perfume

If your sibling has a signature scent, save them the errand and restock their supply. If they play around with different scents, you’ll have to be more creative if you take this approach. When you don’t know what to look for, it’s a safe bet to pick a best-selling scent; you can assume your sibling will like this crowd-pleaser.

Fun Board Game

Consider buying your sibling a game to celebrate National Siblings Day and encourage them to bring it to family events to liven up the party. You might opt for some classic games, such as Monopoly or Scrabble, or a newer one like What Do You Meme or Catchphrase.

New Book

Whether your sibling is a bookworm or a fair-weather reader, everybody enjoys poring over a good book while lying out in the sun. With summer approaching, you might decide to restock their book collection. Browse the best sellers on Amazon or your local bookstore, or pick out one of your favorites that they haven’t gotten around to reading just yet. Plus, when you’ve both read and enjoyed the same book, it gives you even more in common with your brother or sister.

Nostalgic Home Accent

Maybe your sibling lives out of the state or country. Give them a boost of nostalgia by sending them a decoration that can remind them of their home state. Plenty of companies sell items like cheese boards, clothing, jewelry and wall art that are inspired by different states. A favorite nostalgic gift is candles, with scents that bring you back home. Your sibling may have a favorite or your parents may have always burned a scent in the home, making those perfect gifts for the holiday.


One of the best gifts you can give to your brother or sister on National Siblings Day is a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that will brighten up their home. Check out some of our best sellers and select which of our stunning hand-delivered arrangements you’d like to send to your sibling on this special occasion.

Lunch (on You!)

You and your sibling might prefer to spend time together rather than spending money buying each other material items. Pick up the bill for your next lunch or coffee outing in the name of National Siblings Day. It’s a spontaneous, thoughtful way of sharing your appreciation for your favorite (or only) brother or sister.

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