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Top Flowers for a Virgo in Your Life

This week marks the beginning of the sign of Virgo, and with it comes an opportunity to gift a lovely arrangement of flowers for the Virgo in your life. Virgos are generally known for being logical, practical and diligent, making wise decisions while also being witty and understanding of friends, family members and other people in their presence. 

There are various flowers for Virgo birthdays to consider, such as the poppy, buttercup, narcissus and chrysanthemum. Orchids and other daisy-like florals can also be considered a lovely choice for Virgos, since they’re representative of luxury, care and strength. Each is a symbol of beauty, love and imagination, so they can all make the perfect present for the Virgo in your life.

Here are some of our favorite Teleflora arrangements to consider if you’re looking for flowers for a Virgo: 

Teleflora’s Sapphire Skies Bouquet

Create a soul-soothing experience  by gifting the Virgo in your life with the Sapphire Skies Bouquet. It’s made up of crème roses, white Asiatic lilies and white miniature carnations that are mixed with bursts of purple statice and green pitta negra.

Isle of White
Another gorgeous option, our Isle of White bouquet is nothing short of breathtaking and delicate. It consists of crème roses, white Asiatic lilies, white stock and beautiful dusty miller and is arranged in a bubble vase for a fun touch.

Teleflora’s Stained Glass Orchid
An orchid can be mesmerizing on its own. Teleflora takes it to the next level with this gift, creating an elegant option that your Virgo can reminisce about for years to come. This arrangement features a white phalaenopsis orchid that’s accented with curly willow and reindeer moss and delivered in a Marvelous Mosaic cylinder. The colors are truly astounding.

Teleflora’s Opulent Orchids
Pure opulence and Virgo vibe go hand in hand. That’s why the Virgo in your life will love receiving this flower, as it’s simple yet breathtaking. The arrangement consists of a white phalaenopsis potted orchid plant that’s delivered in a bamboo container with slender bamboo support sticks. Its sleek and seamless design makes for a gorgeous presentation.

My Fair Lady
Calla lilies make a great choice to gift to a friend who gleams elegance and opulence. This arrangement is made up of 1 large white calla lilies and mixed with small aralia leaves, variegated aspidistra leaves and delicate lily grass.

Beyond these flowers for Virgo signs, we have plenty of other seasonal options to choose from. Browse through our flowers today to find the perfect arrangement to celebrate your loved one this summer and fall. 

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