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Top Flower Arrangements for the Virgos in Your Life

Individuals with a Virgo Sun have birthdays that fall between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22. If you have any loved ones with this Zodiac sign, you might be trying to figure out what to get them for their upcoming birthday. Although these Earth signs are not known for being overindulgent or materialistic, the right present will show your appreciation for their wisdom, kindness and resourcefulness. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers could be just the right present to give your loved one. Here are a few of our favorite bouquets that your Virgos will love and appreciate.

Towering Ficus

Since Virgos are considered one of the most caring of the Zodiac signs, you might consider giving them a plant that they can nurture. Teleflora’s Towering Ficus brings the outdoors inside – perfect for this Earth sign – and makes for a stunning addition to any room in their home. This potted plant has thin, winding stems and a thick bush of leaves on top, and arrives in a classic terracotta pot. For an added bonus, this type of plant also cleans the air with new oxygen, making their space fresher than it was before.

Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum

Another indoor plant your Virgo friend will love is this stunning spathiphyllum plant, also known as the Peace Lily. This houseplant’s glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers will enchant the birthday boy or girl. Giving them this elegant flora provides them with a peaceful, long-lasting gift that can brighten up their living space. In addition, the delicate aesthetic of this plant matches the Virgo’s aura, helping them bring more of their own personality into their home.

Teleflora’s Seaside Roses Bouquet

Virgos are often characterized by their grace, sensitivity and patience. When you’d like to purchase a bouquet that matches their overall calm demeanors, you might be better off shopping for bouquets of stunning light-toned flowers rather than looking into bouquets with bold, vibrant colors. One of our favorite bouquets that matches this sense of serenity is our Seaside Roses Bouquet. Made up of white roses, white alstroemeria, green carnations and green cushion spray chrysanthemums, this arrangement resembles an elegant seaside garden. It arrives in a hand-blown art glass vase in shades of blue, with a unique frosted exterior, reminiscent of sea glass washed on the shore.

Happy Hydrangea

Who doesn’t adore the look and scent of hydrangeas? Although we offer stunning hydrangea arrangements in multiple colors, the classic blue might be the best option for the Virgo in your life. This lovely plant arrives in a white ceramic planter, just the right vessel to keep these blooms alive and thriving for an extended period of time. As their birthday likely falls before the first day of fall, it’s a great idea to give them a bouquet that has them dreaming of warm, peaceful summer before the influx of autumnal tones begin infiltrating their home and wardrobe.

Written in the Stars

While many Zodiac signs are represented by animals of a similar temperament – Aries with a ram, Leo with a lion, Scorpio with a scorpion and so on – Virgo’s symbol is the goddess of the same name. This figure used her existence for good, trying to find the purity and justice in all people and things. Because this goddess is known for her innocence, many people use the color white when associating with the Virgo sign.

One of our most stunning white arrangements of the summer is our Written in the Stars display. This inspiring piece is comprised of white Asiatic lilies and delicate white waxflowers, with a stunning appearance and texture they will cherish. It arrives in our unique Mercury Glass Antique vase, which is offered only from Teleflora. This eye-catching vase is something your Virgo loved one will cherish forever, reusing it for years to come.

Isle of White

Last but certainly not least, our gorgeous Isle of White arrangement makes for just the right something special for your Virgo friend. This memorable decoration is made up of crème roses, white Asiatic lilies, white stock and dusty miller. With various textures and shapes, this arrangement makes for a stunning addition to any tabletop or counter. This arrangement is hand-delivered to their door in a glass bubble vase, something they can use again and again to hold potpourri, candles and (of course) flowers!

pink lilies, creme roses, white stock and more in a clear bubble vase

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