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Tips to Making Your Home Smell Amazing This Winter

It’s time to escape the chilly winter air and embrace the hygge vibes. Head for the feel-good books and movies, warming candles, soothing bath bombs and snug blankets. Complement these cozy elements with warm and welcoming aromas. Check out our tips to making your home smell amazing this winter:


Winter Spice

Candles, holiday potpourri, mulled wine and warm eggnog fill your home with seasonal spice. Even after the festivities have calmed down, cinnamon, clove, orange blossom, nutmeg, rosemary and cedar tones create a wonderfully warm and soothing winter aroma.

Try this: Make your own potpourri! Heat up your favorite combinations of cinnamon, cranberries, mint, orange peels, cloves and rosemary. A classic is slices of citrus fruits with fresh sprigs of fresh balsam and rosemary. Slowly simmer them with water on the stove, and you’ll soon be welcomed by a refreshingly cozy scent.



Even after the Christmas trees and wreaths are gone, you can still evoke the welcoming smell of winter greenery. Candles with fir, fresh mint and pine tones will create the soothing, woodsy smell of a winter wonderland forest.

Try this: Bring winter greens and pine cones into your home for details that are reminiscent of these earthy seasonal tones. Plus, you can simmer pine needles, berries and cinnamon in a pot on the stove to envelop your space with the glorious smell of a winter forest. You can even DIY your own earthy candle with soy and pine-scented oil.


Sweet Vanilla

Rich, buttery scents of vanilla, sugar, caramel, cream, lavender and bourbon create an overwhelmingly delicious sweet smell. It reminds us of fresh baked cookies, which are undoubtedly the best part of a cozy night indoors.

Try this: Add a little nuance to the sweet vanilla with room sprays and diffusers that add a touch of citrus and spice. Tobacco and amber also complement the sweetness of vanilla for an elegant aroma. Often combined with honey or lemon, vanilla is a soothing touch for bath salts and body lotions. Like with the potpourris, you can cover lemon, rosemary and vanilla with water and heat them together for a natural room scent.


Snowy Day

Bring a touch of winter wonderland inside without forfeiting the warmth! Crisp, fresh scents will complement your earthy winter spice tones and homemade stovetop scents to mimic snow-covered trees. Candles with bergamot, lemon and jasmine tones will also add a light, bubbly aroma to your living space.

Pair with: Seasonal winter flowers and greenery with silver touches will accent your cozy home with a magical snowy touch. You can also look for candles with these scents, and the glow of the burning wick will add warmth to the fresh aroma. It’s also never a bad idea to treat yourself to a snow-inspired bath bomb for a refreshing and calming sensation.


Enjoy the warmth of these cozy scents until the sunny days of spring are here!

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