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Tips to Bring Spring Into a Dreary Office Space

Tips to Bring Spring Into a Dreary Office Space

As winter slowly turns into spring, the weather gets warmer, the sun peeks out and the spring flowers start to bloom. If you are feeling the effects of a long, cold winter, bring some of that beautiful cheer into your office space with some colorful blooms that will energize and invigorate you. Here are some ideas to spruce up an office space for spring:

Let the sun in

For a burst of color that will infuse your whole office with sunshine, select some sunny yellow gerbera daisies mixed with beautifully golden blooms of alstroemeria. You can add some dimension to this lovely bouquet with subtle tones of pink with roses or hydrangea. Showcase these buy one of our Sunny Day Pitcher bouquets we will donate 10% of the selling price to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) to help benefit children’s cancer research.

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Bright and beautiful

Go bold with vibrant pops of orange, fuchsia and pink that create a unique and special bouquet. Mix large and luscious orange roses with smaller, more delicate spray roses and fiery matsumoto asters. Add hot pink miniature carnations and you'll have a centerpiece that will fill the room with springtime cheer.

Delicate display

Go modern with a floral display that evokes feelings of calm with a sculpture created from elegant purple orchids, graceful, green bamboo, and magenta Sweet William blooms in a brightly colored dish lined with lush sheet moss. You can create a piece of living art that is sure to bring the happiness of spring into your workplace.

Springtime succulents

Add a tiny garden anywhere in your office with a beautiful bamboo container filled with succulents, river rocks and bamboo. This easy-to-maintain mini garden is a great option for inviting in the fresh greens of the new season into your office.

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