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Tips for Spring Cleaning and Decorating

Cue the wardrobe change, longer days and budding leaves – spring is here! Refresh your spaces to match the spirit of the season with these spring cleaning and decorating tips:


Make a Checklist

Spring cleaning every inch of the house is a daunting task, so make a checklist to break it up by each room. If you need help getting started, check out this spring cleaning checklist from Country Living. Plus, you don’t have to get it all done in one day. It will feel more manageable if you designate a few days and tackle different areas of the house one at a time. When you’re done, reward yourself with dinner at your favorite restaurant – not only because you deserve it, but also because the kitchen will stay pristinely clean for another day!


Rethink Your Organization

Beyond going through junk drawers and closets, spring is also a perfect time to revisit your organizational pieces. Find new storage pieces that double as decor. Store blankets and pillows in a trendy chest, or hang colorful hooks for purses, keys and scarves. In the bathrooms, try using an open bookshelf for rolling extra towels and keeping tissues, hand lotions and other toiletries nearby. Tackle your shelves with a duster and reorganize the books and knick knacks as you go.


Bring the Blooms Inside

Once the house is clean and organized, brighten your spaces with springtime blooms. Fill your spaces with simple greenery, like potted succulents, or top your countertops and tables with a bouquet of these popular spring flowers. Go for hues that complement your decor, or step outside of your comfort zone with a vibrant pop of color. Choose from Teleflora’s colorful spring arrangements, always hand-delivered by a local florist. Plus, they all come with a gorgeous vase that you can keep flowers in all season long.


Make Small Decorative Changes

With a few simple aesthetic upgrades, you can spruce up your decor for the change in seasons. Throw down a bold, colorful rug in the living room, or make it pop with new, bright-hued couch pillows. Cover your windows with light, colorful treatments and refresh your walls with new artwork. Transform the bed you’ve been hibernating in all winter with a lighter duvet and pillows. Change the hardware on your cabinets or install new door knobs. Invest in a fun, quirky lighting fixture, paint an accent wall or upgrade to a patterned headboard to revamp your spaces with new statement pieces.


Finally, open up the windows and enjoy the warm, fresh air as you relax in your clean, organized and ready-for-spring spaces!

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