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Tips for Sending New Baby Flowers This July

There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a baby girl or baby boy into this world, especially with a carefully crafted bouquet of seasonal or traditional new baby flowers. Not only do new mothers and fathers enjoy receiving a beautiful basket of blooms to celebrate the newest member of their family, but flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors easily brighten up hospital rooms and nurseries.


By sending your loved ones traditional July larkspur flowers or a fun arrangement of other summer blooms, you’re not only saying “welcome to the world, baby,” but you’re showing your loved ones that you care deeply about them and the life-changing journey they have just embarked upon. If you’re not quite sure what to send or what the proper etiquette is for sending birth flowers, pay attention to these key rules for gifting new baby flowers:


Consider the Gender or Room Theme

Depending on a variety of factors, you may decide to send flowers based on the gender of the family’s newest arrival. There are plenty of common, beautiful pink blooms, such as the roses, stargazer lily, bouvardia, and lisianthus, or blue flowers, such as hycinth, flox, thistles, and freesia. While you can certainly send the traditional pink or blue for a girl or boy, you aren’t solely limited to these two colors.


Skilled florists offer plenty of options for newborns in a vast expanses of unique arrangements, where they can weave in traditional pink or blue flowers amidst a variety of other, on-theme blooms. A mixture of different textures, tones, and flowers may create the perfect mix to offer something truly wonderful for your friends or family members on their special day.  Additionally, many parents also have selected a certain theme for their baby’s room, which might make the color-choosing process even easier for you!


Consider Seasonal Availability

For July births, the flowers of the month are the larkspur and the water lily. You don’t even have to stick to July birth month flowers or the traditional baby gender colors when picking out the right bouquet. Other summer flowers include daffodils, peonies, plumeria, and daisies, which would all be excellent choices for newborns and their families.  


Consider Additional Accessories or Gifts

When finding the perfect arrangement for your loved ones to welcome their bundle of joy, you shouldn’t only pay attention to the flowers. Instead, consider what kind of vase you want it to arrive in or any additional signs, gifts, or accessories you want to accompany it. For example, your bouquet of playful daisies could arrive in an equally as innocent and cute duck vase or your arrangement of pink flowers could bear a small banner that says “Congratulations, it’s a girl!” Don’t be afraid to get creative!


We’ve got you covered on the best flowers to send when welcoming a new baby into the world, so don’t worry! Don’t forget Mom and Dad too. Nothing like a homecooked meal or some free babysitting to make them feel loved and rested.

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