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Tips for Combating Heat and Humidity This Summer

Summer is a beloved season. It’s the time for patio parties, beach trips and outdoor concerts. One part of the season that isn’t exactly favorable is the scalding heat and its effects on people, as well as the animals and plants living in their homes. Looking for ways to keep yourself and your houseplants healthy during the peak season of heat and humidity? We’ve provided six tips below on ways you and your plants can beat the heat and humidity of summer.

  1. Circulate the House with Fans

As much as you want to make use of your central air this summer, you won’t be happy at how much you turned it on when you’re looking at your electric bill for the month. Setting up floor and table fans around your living space gives you the cool breeze you want without jacking up your costs, as they use a fraction of the amount of energy used by central air.

  1. Stay Hydrated

When it’s hot out, your body needs more water intake than it does in the winter. Make sure you’re drinking more than the recommended eight cups of water a day during heat waves or when you’re exerting a lot of energy. Going for a run on a hot summer afternoon? Don’t forget to fill up on water before and after taking off. Increasing your water intake might require you to visit the bathroom more frequently, but it’s worth it to stay energetic and healthy during the hottest months of the year.

  1. Stick to Chilled Food (When Possible)

When your home is feeling balmy, the last thing you’ll want to do is turn on the oven. You might be tempted to get takeout or delivery to avoid standing over a hot stove or oven. Another less costly option is to fill your fridge with foods you can eat cold, like fruit, cold cuts and salad ingredients. You’ll get a good meal that won’t leave you feeling stuffed, something that is especially unpleasant in the heat.

  1. Keep Your House Plants Alive and Thriving

Ephiphytes and tropical plants actually thrive in settings of high humidity. When your home is feeling humid and sticky, you won’t need to worry about these types of houseplants. On hot days that aren’t quite humid, you may need to pay extra attention to these plants. Spray the leaves with water regularly to make sure they’re getting the moisture they need to make it through the dog days of summer.

  1. Water, Water Everywhere

When the forecast is projecting a heat wave, you’ll need to make sure your plants are getting enough water. Anyone with a green thumb knows that over-watering is a surefire way to kill even the most low maintenance houseplants. So where do you find the common ground of keeping your plants well-fed without overdoing it? The best way to make sure you’re giving your plant the water it needs — not too much or too little — is to water it slowly and gradually.

Even though your AC system keeps you cool, it doesn’t always do the same for your plants. In fact, a lot of central air makes the air dry, sucking away the moisture needed for certain plants to stay healthy. This is just another reason you should stay on top of giving extra water to your house plants.

  1. Don’t Stress Out Your Plants

Yes, even house plants have their fair share of stress. Certain actions can be detrimental to plants during heat waves. For one, you shouldn’t re-pot your plants on the hottest day of the summer. Leaves tend to get damaged during re-potting, putting your plant in panic mode, which makes it vulnerable in the heat. In addition, you should avoid fertilizing your plants when they are in a stressed state. If you provide your plant with extra nutrients when it’s in survival mode, it won’t know what to do with them. Wait until it starts to cool down before re-potting, fertilizing or doing any other action that challenges your plants.


In addition to these tips to beating the heat and humidity, don’t forget about your plants when you go on vacation. We have some great tips to keeping your plants alive when you leave for a little rest and relaxation…and hopefully a cool down.

Stay cool and enjoy your summer!

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