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Tips for a Better Lawn This Summer

In many neighborhoods, unspoken competitions are waged each day over who has the best lawn. Lawns that are lovelier than most not only add to their buildings’ curb appeal, but make their owners the envy of the community. Do you want to step up your grass game and make your property the talk of the town, but aren’t sure where to begin? Use these tips for a better lawn this summer:

Water Early in the Day
One simple way to boost your lawn’s appearance is to water in the morning as opposed to the night. Watering early in the day means the sun has plenty of time to dry your grass. When plants are watered at night, they remain drenched for hours, and are at a higher risk for turning brown. When watering, focus on quality over quantity: It’s better to water fewer times per week, thoroughly soaking the ground in each instance, than to water every day but only disperse a small amount.

Decide on Sod or Seed
If you want to fill patches of lawn that aren’t growing grass yet, you have two main options: sod or seed. Sod, which is pre-grown grass that rolls out like a carpet, is definitely the faster route to thicken and enhance your yard – it’s also the more expensive option. For amateur landscapers on a budget, simply laying seeds is an affordable, albeit more labor-intensive, choice. When deciding which technique to use, consider the size, shape, budget and goals you have in mind for your lawn.

Keep Pets in Check
Animals – particularly pups –  are the enemy of immaculate lawns, but it’s definitely possible to own both a furry friend and an outstanding yard. Dog urine can cause grass to turn yellow and die, so allowing your puppy to have free reign of the lawn could result in damage. “Spot training” your dog to only urinate in certain parts of the yard can help avoid any issues.

Research Flowers Before You Plant
Flowers add that perfect pop of color every lawn needs. When selecting the blossoms for your yard, be sure to invest time researching the best types of plants for your space and climate. Planting unsustainable flowers will result in lots of disappointment come spring and won’t give you any bang for your buck.


Spending some one on one time with your lawn this year will give it just that boost it needs! Soon everyone will be asking how you got the best looking yard on the block!

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