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Tipping Tips: Do I Tip a Flower Delivery Person?

When it comes to tipping etiquette, there are some services that everyone knows how to tip and others that people often forget about tipping altogether. Flower delivery men and women often fall into the latter category. However, since they provide a service, tipping them is considered polite and conventional. You wouldn't let a pizza delivery person leave without a tip, would you? No! If you aren't sure who to tip or how much of a tip someone requires, a good rule of thumb is to give 15 percent of the total. You can also call the person's employer and ask a representative there what's considered good etiquette. Here's what you need to know about tipping a flower delivery person:

How Much Should I Tip a Flower Delivery Person?
Flower delivery men and women warrant a $2 to $5 tip for normal-sized bouquets, plants and arrangements. If they're bringing multiple arrangements, large plants or other difficult-to-carry items, the tip should be more like $10. For huge deliveries, say for a wedding or another event, the tip should reflect the amount of work they're doing. It's also considered polite to tip more if there's bad weather or if the delivery person goes above and beyond in some other way. 

Why Should I Tip a Flower Delivery Person?
Remember that it's considered good manners to tip anyone who's assisting you in some way – even if it's part of their job. At Teleflora, all of our bouquets and arrangements are hand-delivered, which provides a more personal gift than a bouquet that's delivered in a box. However, that can make the delivery person's job just a bit more difficult, so it's important to show them appreciation. If you're unhappy with the delivery person specifically, or they've damaged your arrangement in some way, it's OK not to tip.

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