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Throw the Ultimate Baby Shower on a Budget

If you or a loved one is gradually entering the second trimester, you might be thinking about planning a baby shower. These parties are a fun way to get together with friends and family, celebrate the expecting parents and provide some gifts that welcome the new little one to the world. Even though expecting parents will be given lots of gifts during their shower, there’s no doubt the costs of raising an infant are through the roof. Here are some tips on throwing a baby shower on a budget:

Skip the “Gender Reveal” Party

These days, it seems that everybody is throwing a party before the baby shower in which the couple announces to family and friends whether they’re expecting a baby boy or girl. Whether or not you expect guests to bring gifts to a gender reveal party, this event means you’ll be spending more money than you have to. Instead of going all out with a party, think of a creative way to spill the beans on social media, or just invite immediate family members to your home to announce the news regarding the forthcoming bundle of joy.

Recycle Decorations

Have you been to a baby shower in the last year that matched the aesthetic you had in mind? If this was the shower of a close friend or family member, consider asking them if they still have any of their decorations lying around their homes? More often than not, they’ll be dying to clear the baby shower decorations they were hoarding in their basement, especially if they’re not planning on adding any more little ones to the family. If you’re able to scavenge some decorations that match your party’s color scheme from your friends and relatives who have had babies recently, you can save a good chunk of change.

Location, Location, Location

One of the priciest components people tend to spend money on when they’re hosting parties of all kinds is the venue. Instead of renting out a room in a restaurant or country club, you should think about bringing your guests into your own home for the shower. Hosting at your house involves some clean-up before and after the party, but it will lead to substantial savings.

If your home isn’t big enough to bring in a large group of guests, you might be better off asking a close relative or family friend if you could hold the party at their home. If you go this route, send the host a thoughtful thank-you present, like a bouquet of summer flowers.

Save Money on Food

According to The Bump, about 40% of most baby shower budgets go to food and beverages. Instead of catering a meal for your guests, you can save money by doing the cooking yourself. Whether you’re a novice chef or someone who can’t even boil water without setting off the smoke detector, you can find some recipes that match your level of expertise and budget. For simple, delicious foods you don’t even have to turn on the oven to make, serve up platters of dainty finger sandwiches, fruit and tossed salad. Other great options for meals to make in bulk for large parties of people include lasagna, casseroles, enchiladas and essentially anything that can go in a slow cooker.

Economical Party Favors

Something that guests attending your baby shower won’t expect — but also won’t refuse — is some fun party favors. You might think that because your guests will be spending some money on your gift, you should return the favor. However, you can present them with a small, thoughtful party favor that shows your gratitude for their attendance. Our favorite idea for a baby shower party favor is a miniature bottle of champagne, which you can decorate with ribbon and a note that says “Pop when she pops!”

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