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Things You Can Do for Local Veterans on Veteran’s Day

This time of year, it’s important to reflect and honors our veterans, especially on Nov. 11 since it’s Veteran’s Day. This day was chosen to honor all those who chose to serve our chose as it marks the end of World War I when fighting ceased in 1918. According to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, President Wilson dictated that Nov. 11 would be known as Armistice Day, and since then the nation remembers those who lost their lives, those who fought for their country and those who have served at home or overseas. Learn more about what you can do for Veteran’s Day and the importance of poppies on the holiday:


What are Poppies Significance on Veteran’s Day?

Poppies are closely connected to Veteran’s Day, and it is customary for individuals who were part of the armed forces to wear the flower, or a symbolic paper blossom, around the time of the holiday. USA Today said that the poppy is a symbol of the sacrifice that soldiers made in Germany during The Great War. After the fighting had ended in Flanders, the land was ravaged and inhabitable to flora and fauna, except for red poppies. These bloomed on the former battlefield, where countless soldiers had lost their lives. Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae visited the site in 1915 and was inspired to write a poem about the red flowers flourishing on ground that had only seen death and destruction. An American poet, Moina Michael, worked to encourage others to use the poppy to symbolize the loss in World War I and to remember. The Royal British Legion sold silk poppies, per Michael’s inspiration, and raised funds for individuals who had come back from the war and needed housing. Today, they are sold to collect money to financially assist veterans.


How to Support Your Local Vets

Nov. 11 or thereabouts is a wonderful time to show your appreciation and thanks for those who have served. Consider volunteering at your local veterans center, either to work directly with people, or to generally assist on the premises. They may have special events scheduled for Veteran’s Day, so be sure to check with the administrative staff to see how you can contribute. You may be able to organize a meal, bring flowers for decorations, or help set up festivities or a parade in your town.


If you have friends or family members who served, sending a beautiful Veteran’s Day bouquet is the perfect thank you gift. A bouquet featuring plenty of red blooms will evoke the memorial poppies. Those who are no longer with us can be remembered by either taking a trip to their grave site, or spending time with friends and relatives who knew them well. Bringing flowers to a memorial gathering is also a beautiful way to show you care, and be sure to send the arrangement home with any former or present service members.


Taking time to thank a vet can mean the world to someone who made great sacrifices for his or her country. This year, continue to share memories and appreciation of the hard work that our men and women in uniform have done and will continue to do.

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