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Things to Do with Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us, and it’s a time to enjoy a relaxing day with the family. A great way to celebrate Dad while getting the kids involved is to partake in a DIY project extravaganza, tackling one or several undertakings that will give the family something to remember the day for years to come. Here are a few of the best DIY projects your kids can do with Dad this Father’s Day:

A Unique Garden Holder

Popular Science ranked the portable garden as one of the best kid-friendly DIY projects around, and what better way to ring in the warmer months than creating such a lovely environment for your beloved plants? It only takes about two hours to make, and largely utilizes items that you already have around the house, such as a bucket, sandpaper, drill, cloth and a saw. The site suggests getting eight quarts of soil per five gallon bucket, and using whichever seedlings you prefer. Watching your plants bloom each year in this simple portable garden will remind your kids and their father of a beautiful day spent together.

Outside Table

Even if you don’t have some extra lumber sitting around, an outdoor table can be a great addition to any home, and they are relatively easy to be build. Family Handyman recommends a pedestal-oriented picnic table design that will only cost the price of the wood you choose, as well as some minor pieces of hardware. This particular DIY project will likely take up the entire day, but you can then enjoy some barbecue and family meals at your new table throughout the summer.

Safety is first, though, so make sure you get eye and hand protection for the kids before getting started on this fun and engaging project.


If you want to encourage the kids’ interest in reading while also allowing Dad to utilize some of his beloved power tools, consider building a custom, DIY bookshelf this Father’s Day. Much like the table, you will not need much more than the wood you choose to use, or another material depending upon what works best for the space. Larger ones that potentially take up an entire wall might be an especially fun undertaking for the kids and their dad. Check out Pinterest for amazing bookshelf inspiration!

Gardening and Decorating

Finally, since this is such a great time to get outside, consider getting your kids and their dad to spruce up the garden a bit. We have a vast variety of flowers and arrangements that can give you a head start on the project, so check out our collection before getting down to business.

Here’s to a crafty and memorable Father’s Day!


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