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The Ultimate End of Summer Bucket List

Just like that, summer is more than halfway over. You probably wish the warm summer days and cool evenings could last all year, but sadly, all great things must come to an end. There’s a lot you still have to do before you begin replacing your sweet iced teas with cinnamon cappuccinos.

Because there’s only a little bit of time left in the season, you might need to cram in some last-minute activities to take part in while the weather is still perfect for outdoor fun. In case you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our ultimate summer bucket list and try to check off as many things as you can before September rolls around.

  1. Go strawberry picking
  2. Take a road trip
  3. Start working on your fall garden
  4. Enjoy a tasting at a nearby vineyard
  5. Take part in America’s favorite pastime by attending a baseball game
  6. Finish the book that’s been sitting untouched on your nightstand for weeks
  7. Go miniature golfing
  8. Host an outdoor BBQ
  9. Go to a farmer’s market
  10. Go camping – or “glamping,” if you’re not the outdoorsy type
  11. Watch the sunrise from a beautiful lookout point
  12. Be a tourist in your own city for the day
  13. Eat some s’mores
  14. Go to the nearest drive-in theater
  15. Hike or bike along a beautiful nature trail
  16. Attend an outdoor yoga class
  17. Escape the heat with AC at a summer matinee
  18. Declutter your home and have a yard sale
  19. Help your kids set up a lemonade stand
  20. Have a lazy day in
  21. Make your own ice cream or sorbet
  22. Build a sand castle
  23. Go to an amusement park
  24. Attend an outdoor music festival or concert
  25. Do a DIY home renovation project
  26. Take a flower arranging class. (If flower arranging isn’t your thing after all, you can order flowers to be delivered right to your house, already oriented and in a stunning vase)
  27. Spend the day at the local aquarium
  28. Go kayaking or canoeing
  29. Play lawn games, like frisbee golf or cornhole
  30. Stargaze on a clear night
  31. Visit (or volunteer at) a nearby animal shelter
  32. Make a time capsule
  33. Try something tasty from a food truck
  34. Hold a family game night
  35. Let out the child within through a trip to the arcade
  36. Start a gratitude journal
  37. Make homemade lemonade
  38. Have a water balloon fight
  39. Organize a neighborhood clean-up to keep your street neat
  40. Go zip-lining
  41. Hit some balls at the driving range
  42. Order an ice cream sundae that’s bigger than your head
  43. Support a small business, such as a local jewelry seller or coffee shop
  44. Get a pen pal
  45. Have a romantic date night
  46. Unplug with a tech-free day
  47. Run a 5K for a good cause (or just to get the exercise!)
  48. Create a family recipe book with all your favorites
  49. Wear as much white as you can, especially if you believe in the “no wearing white after Labor Day” rule
  50. Have a girls’ or boys’ day with friends you haven’t seen in awhile
  51. Start (and stick to) a new skincare regime (This is especially important if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors and exposing your skin to the sun every day)
  52. Watch a fireworks display
  53. Wash your own car
  54. Organize your closet
  55. Make your own pizza from scratch
  56. Bake a pie with fresh fruit
  57. Treat your partner or children to breakfast in bed, just because
  58. Fly a kite
  59. Collect seashells and use them to make a beautiful handmade craft
  60. Tie-dye some T-shirts
  61. Play tennis at a nearby court
  62. Take a mental health day from work to recharge
  63. Grow your own fresh herbs
  64. Spend the day catching up with your parents
  65. Sleep in

We hope you have a wonderful end of summer and an easy back to school season!sunflowers in a bamboo container next to a girl laying on the couch

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