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The meaning of certain Valentine’s Day blooms

Most ladies enjoy getting bouquets of flowers delivered to their home or work on a regular basis, but one day of the year is especially important. February 14, or Valentine’s Day, is one of the most popular days for guys to dole out gorgeous flowers to their ladies, but what flowers you get could have different meanings.

Red roses
This type of flower goes hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day, mainly because it represents true love. These blossoms say “I love you,” but could also mean your guy doesn’t think outside the box.

Yellow tulips
If a guy you think has been crushing on you shows up with a bouquet of yellow spring tulips on February 14, you should know he means business. These blossoms represent hopeless love, meaning the guy doling them out is smitten with you.

These stunning flowers typically represent natural or refined beauty. Your guy might give you a bouquet of these on Valentine’s Day if he think you’re truly the bees knees.

Even though you may have your heart set on tulips for Valentine’s Day like Kissed by Tulips Bouquet by Teleflora, just knowing your guy thought to get you flowers at all may be enough.

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Kissed by Tulips Bouquet

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