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The golden canola fields of China

The golden canola fields of China

Though winter is in full effect, spring is not too far off – and considering the barren colder months are upon us, you’ll no doubt be eager to see some beautiful flowers in the coming months. Unfortunately, with such low temperatures, it’s unlikely that you’ll spot any blooms just yet. However, China is home to one of the most stunning floral sights you’ll ever lay eyes on – and the peak time to visit is from February through March. That means it’s the perfect time to go behold the beautiful golden fields of canola flowers in the midst of a dreary winter season. In fact, by June, these fields won’t look the same, so you’ll want to start planning your trip now. Want to know more about this breathtaking place?

Here are some of the facts:

Spring rapeseed flowers growing in Luoping

The canola fields can be found in Southern China in Luoping, the plains set in the Yunnan province. Bright rapeseed flowers grow across sprawling farmlands, forming a seemingly neverending sea of yellow blossoms. According to The China Internet Information Center, approximately 133 million square meters of land are covered with these flowers each spring. To get there, you can take one of the tourist trains from Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan. The train takes about four hours and will drop you directly in Luoping.

Canola fields of China

Traveling and sightseeing tips

There are a multitude of places from which you can see the canola flowers, but Jinji Mountain offers perhaps the best view. The source noted that it can be foggy earlier in the day around Luoping. However, the fog will gradually lift during the afternoon, allowing you a better look.

If you’re hoping to get up close and capture this awe-inspiring sight, Tourism on the Edge noted that Luoping county has been a big draw for photographers. The news outlet recommended trekking to the Ligyi temple, which is a century old, for an ideal view. Additionally, Wuyuan has become a hotspot for photographers due to its abundant rivers and bridges, which provide the perfect backdrop for the beautiful blooms.

Interesting facts

While the rapeseed flowers are planted all over China, Tourism on the Edge noted that they bloom at slightly different times of year depending on the temperature in each region. The farms in Luoping are largely regarded as the best in the country, and they bloom the earliest in the year.

There’s more to these blossoms that just a pretty sight, though. After they have withered, the seeds of rapeseed flowers are used to make canola cooking oil that plays a major part in Chinese cuisine.

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