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Sweepstakes: Win Flowers!


Just tell us how you plan to use flowers this Easter.  If you don’t celebrate Easter, tell us what your favorite spring flowers are!

  • Entry period ends on Thursday, March 24th, 2016 at midnight PST
  • 3 (three) winners will receive (1) Gift Card for $75 at Teleflora.com + FREE Service Fee (approximate retail value $90)
  • The three (3) random winners will be notified by email on Friday, March 25th, 2016.
  • You must order your flowers on our website (you cannot place your order on the phone) by April 30th, 2016. All bouquets must be delivered to a USA address.


Some of our favorites this season:

Happy Dots
Happy Dots Bouquet
Hello Spring Bouquet
Hello Spring Bouquet
Spring Tulip Pitcher
Spring Tulip Pitcher Bouquet
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  1. Nicole s says

    I would like to get the purple tulips and send them to my mother in law for Easter from my daughter , my daughters father passed away and his favorite holiday was Easter and favorite color was purple. We really don’t get to see her much so I think sending these flowers from her grand daughter will really brighten up her Easter and make it alittle bit more special

  2. Judith Nosko says

    The flowers are all beautiful, I need something to pick me up, I have been a little down lately

  3. Leena christopher says

    My grandma just passed away last week and one of her favorite holidays to spend with the family and her grandchildren was Easter.so I would spend the Easter flowers with her I would,bring them to her say a prayer..even though she is not here anymore she deserves the best flowers the greatest grandma deserves..

  4. Amber Cheras (@shadow62310) says

    This year I will be making baskets for my fiance’s family and then hosting a nice big dinner for all. It’s so nice when everyone gets together. My favorite flowers are roses .

  5. Barb Mast says

    My favorite flowers are Stargazer Lillies. I love when they start showing up! If I could, I’d have them in my house all the time!

  6. Pamela Hoffmann says

    Will have fresh flowers for an Easter dinner centerpiece.

  7. Nicole Linsky says

    As one of 3 sisters, I would send my flowers to the women who have impacted my life the most: my mother and my two older twin sisters. With life comes change. This could mean distance, separation, and moving on, but I found that family love never changes. This Easter, as a Florida resident, I hope to send these flowers to my mother in California, my sister in Texas, and my other sister in Melbourne, FL. Even if the gift card does not cover the entire cost to make this happen, I know that it will help to cover the cost to display my appreciation for the women in my life who helped raise me.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Nicole Linsky

  8. Judith Nosko says

    I still would send them to my sweetie…I am sure he would love them as much as I do

  9. Laura Sutch says

    I would send them to my oldest daughter who always works so hard for her family and never seems to think of herself, she needs a little ray of sunshine in her life

  10. Summer D says

    Daffodils have always been one of my favorite flowers.

  11. seaangel4444 says

    I plan to use flowers for Easter by taking cordial glass, filling with water, then cutting the stem down on a gerbera daisy (using various colors) and then placing a tealight in the center. It looks so pretty for at each place setting around the Easter dinner table (and I will put a few in the bathroom as well)!

  12. Sara F. says

    I’m moving farther away from my parents, soon. My mother is my world and I won’t be with her for Easter. A phone call doesn’t always show how much I love her. Happy Easter to all of you! The Tulips vase with more yellow flowers would be amazing!

  13. Hannia Guerrero says

    Iam sending flowers to my mother-in-law this Easter for being a nice loving person

  14. Ed says

    on Easter we take flowers to the cemetery were my mother-in-law is buried. any purple flowers because that was her favorite color

  15. Colleen Drajem says

    I give flowers at Easter to all the females in my life that I love – mom, Mother-in-law, friends, “sister” and even myself. Afterwards if possible, I plant them in my garden to that I can enjoy them year after year

  16. Tina Mercado says

    plan on using flowers on dinning tables. love lilies

  17. ChristinaZ says

    I love to give my Mom and Grandmother flowers on Easter it puts a big smile on thier faces and I love doing it.

  18. Elizabeth (@GoudaCheese007) says

    I would use these flowers as a centerpiece for my Easter Dinner!!

  19. Melissa Agelson says

    I’m going to have flowers as a centerpiece on my table for Easter.

  20. Jose says

    I work in the hospital and would take them to the inside easter egg hunt for the kids that cannot leave the hospital, and be able to bring them a little of the outside in doors.

  21. Kimberly H says

    I plan to use flowers as a centerpiece on the table!

  22. Shaylee h says

    We never have fresh flowers in our home and it would be lovely to brighten our home with an Easter bouquet.

  23. Tammy Clarson says

    Most likely I won’t have flowers for Easter unless someone buys em for me or I win em. Most likely neither will happen. Now if I do receive or win em, I’d use em as a centerpiece. Also my favorite spring flower is lilacs. I will alwyz love em !!!

  24. Judith Nosko says

    My boyfriends birthday is March 24th and he has never had flowers sent to him…he will be 62, yes we are older and still do things like this…

  25. Judith Nosko says

    I think it’s a good idea for people who would love to win something for someone else…

  26. Mary says

    My son who is deployed in the Navy, sends his finance flowers every month while he is away fighting for our country.

  27. Toni ousley says

    I like to use flowers for decorating the table and for making flower halos and hair pieces for my older daughter. Nothing says “Welcome Spring” or “Happy Easter” like fresh flowers!

  28. Sheri Newell Anderson says

    I have a beautiful Easter Bouquet that I use for our celebration and my family loves it and it’s kind of a tradition but they are silk flowers so it would be awesome to get real flowers this year, thanks for this opportunity!

  29. Joan says

    We are bringing flowers to our daughter’s house this Easter. It is her first time hosting a holiday and tulips are her favorite

  30. Kristin Grizzle says

    I like to put some beautiful flowers on the table for our Easter lunch and I also like giving some to my Grandma when I can.

  31. Bonnie Morris says

    I would love to win flowers for my table for Easter.!!

  32. jeannine d says

    We are going to bring fowers to the in laws for easter and I have some in the middle of my table

  33. Megan Q says

    I love all kinds of flowers but for Easter it’s always nice to display tulips and lilies where guests can see them.

  34. ccboobooy says

    Lilies are my favorite spring flowers.

  35. Raquel Perez says

    I love sunflowers

  36. Raquel Perez says

    My favorite flower are Sunflowers They are vibrant big & noticeable

  37. Donna Xu says

    I don’t celebrate Easter, but my favorite flowers are Tulips. I love them. I had to special order them for my wedding in November just to have them

  38. Liz says

    I love to use flowers as a center piece and in my garden! Love Easter and flowers!!!!

  39. Tammy Owens says

    I plan to use the flowers as a table center piece for everyone to admire. My favorite is the Spring Tulip Pitcher Bouquet. It is beautiful!

  40. Vickey Batson says

    I would use flowers as a centerpiece for Easter..I like carnations and tulips..roses also

  41. Cynthia Stacey says

    We have flowers in the entrance way – usually a nice spring bouquet and then we have Lilies in the living room and a smaller arrangement at the dining room table.

  42. Jo Davis says

    I always buy the classic lillies and bring them to church after services I brig them home to enjoy though out the Easter season. I just Love Flowers.

  43. Pamela Dickson says

    I love roses, lilies, and carnations.

  44. Bob Morella says

    I always buy flowers for my Wife, my Mom and my Mother-in-law – I buy Tulips for Mom -she loves tulips. A mixed arrangement for my Wife – Cindy – which always goes on our dining room table and I buy her some flowers to plant too. And my Mother-in-law – likes roses, so I get her an arrangement normally with alot of roses normally pink. My favorite flower is an Orchid!!

  45. Audrey bernhard says

    We use flowers to give to my husbands auntie who treats as her own kids and our daughter as her granddaughter. My daughter who is 5 always gives her flowers on the holidays. So for me it would be to thank her for inviting us into her home on Easter.

  46. addrienne mertens says

    Flowers would look great on the table during dinner. Then the lucky guest who gets their name drawn out of the hat gets to take it home.

  47. Janet K. says

    I plan to use fresh flowers as the centerpiece on my dining room table.

  48. We will use flower as centre piece.. & in a gift for family

  49. Addrienne mertens says

    Flowers in the middle of the table for Sunday dinner. They would be so pretty.. Then send them home with the guest that got their named picked out of the hat.

  50. I plan to use an assortment of flowers for an Easter centerpiece.

  51. Tammy Lee Stookey says

    I plan on having your flowers by keeping my Bedroom Cheery, and also keeping my Room feeling Clean and Fresh!

  52. I plan to use daffodils, tulips, and lillies as an Easter centerpiece. I am also giving a bouquet of flowers to my mother for Easter.

  53. Miss Tammy Lee Stookey says

    Well I’ll be having your Flowers for keeping my Bedroom looking Cheery, and also keeping my Bedroom Smelling Clean and Fresh!

  54. Miss Tammy Lee Stookey says

    Well I plan to use your Flowers in my Bedroom to make my Room like VERY CHEERFUL, and to keep it SMELLING CLEAN AND FRESH!

  55. Michaelyn Pappert says

    Easter officially brings in Spring time for me, and I anxiously await my lilac’s to bloom so that I can fill vases and put them all over the house! I love fresh flowers in my kitchen. The more colorful, the better. They inspire me! Happy Easter!! Happy Spring!!! 🙂

  56. Cindy Anne says

    My daughter’s birthday is two days before Easter. It would be awesome to surprise her with flowers for her birthday. 🙂

  57. Dia1613 says

    Flowers for Easter = Lilies , classic, fragrant, timeless…. a bouquet in front room & entryway to greet easter guests… and pressed flowers to decoupage onto eggs

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