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Easter Sunday Brunch Ideas

Easter is right around the corner. Get fueled up for the Easter egg hunt with these easy and fun Easter Sunday brunch ideas

Eggs for a Crowd

If you’re hosting family and friends for the holiday, you’ll want to keep the cooking as simple as possible. This fried egg brunch from Bon Appetit uses that philosophy for a meal that’s easy to make and quick to please your guests. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, Bon Appetit also served up this Eggs Benedict for a Crowd recipe. A lot of it can be prepared in advance, so make sure to take advantage of the calm before everyone arrives to get most of the meal ready.

Fried and poached eggs can be quite temperamental when cooking, making it a little overwhelming to get each one just right for every guest. If you’re worried about it, go for scrambled eggs instead. They’re easier to make, and delicious even when just adding a touch of herbs and cheese. Serve them with a variety of fresh, warm rolls and everyone will be more than happy.

A quiche is also great for crowds because it goes a long way. Plus, you can throw in plenty of fresh vegetables for a colorful spring dish. Follow this bacon-and-leek quiche recipe from Food & Wine to get started, but feel free to add your own twist with the vegetables and meats you have on hand. Serve it over a bed of arugula with a fruit salad on the side and your guests will feel like they’re getting restaurant service!

Finger Food

Take a page from the British book of afternoon tea and make petite, bite-sized sandwiches. They’re easy to make, and create an elegant spread for the buffet table. You can make several varieties, which is perfect for feeding a crowd. Plus, because they’re small, everyone can try a few different kinds. If it’s an intimate brunch with just you and the kids, simply make family favorites.

Start with a few classic sandwich fillings, such as:

  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese.
  • Cooked pink salmon with thin slices of cucumber.
  • Watercress with a light layer of butter.
  • Sharp cheddar cheese and tomato.
  • Chicken curry salad.
  • Ham and cheese slices.
  • Egg salad.

Serve the sandwiches with tea and coffee, fruit salad and even some chips if you’re brunch extends into early afternoon.

Touch of Sweetness

Don’t forget: Your sweet tooth wants to celebrate the holiday too! Pancakes, waffles and French toast pair beautifully with eggs, bacon and other savory brunch items. For a twist on the classics, try this dark chocolate waffle recipe or ricotta pancakes with blueberry-lemon compote from Bon Appetit. You can also bake your French toast in the oven with berries for what will taste like a sweet, fruit bread pudding.

Get the buns in the oven, too: Hot cross, sticky and morning buns are perfect for Easter brunch. You can also bake your own muffins, scones or cookies and wash them down with a toasty cup of tea or coffee.

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