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St. Patrick’s Day Drinks to Make at Home

If there’s one thing Americans love to do in honor of this festive Irish holiday, it’s turning everything green. Clothes, drinks, rivers – you name it and we can make it green for a fabulous celebration. Say cheers to St. Paddy’s Day with these celebratory (and mostly green) St Patrick’s drinks and garnishes:


Festive Brewskis

If you drink any beer on St. Paddy’s Day, let it be a Guinness. This dark stout dominates the Irish drinking scene, although there are other beers to choose from as well. Murphy’s Irish Stout is another dark brew, while Harp Lager is a refreshing alternative for those who enjoy lighter beers. It’s likely that you’ll see green pints at the bars, but you can also make them at home by simply adding a drop of food coloring to a light beer. The Spruce offered advice for choosing the right beer, mentioning light American lagers or pale-colored craft brews. You can try adding green food coloring to darker beers, but you’ll probably only see the effect in the foam for a few minutes.


Irish Whiskey

Stock up on the whiskey because many of the Irish love this spirit as much as Guinness. While Jameson is probably most popular, there are plenty of other brands to try. Straight or on the rocks is perfectly appropriate for the holiday, or go for an Old Fashioned with a touch of the Irish instead of bourbon. For a modern spin, try one of these Irish whiskey cocktail recipes from Food & Wine – or simply sip on a sweet glass of Baileys Irish Cream. You can even look into recipes using whiskey in your corned beef.


Green Shamrock Cocktails

If you’re not a fan of whiskey, you can stick with other cocktails, like minty green mojitos, appletinis or cucumber lime spritzers. If you’re a fan of tequila, mix it with kale, cucumber and lemon juice, ginger beer and simple syrup for this delicious green cocktail recipe from Town & Country. For more inspiration, try one of these St. Patrick’s Day cocktails from Bustle.



You can add a festive twist to any drink if you’re creative with the garnish! Add some green rock candy to your bubbly and you’ll not only have a fun garnish, but your drink will take on a festive shade of green. If you’re a fan of a sugar-rimmed glass, use green food coloring to give the granules a festive hue. Cut cucumbers in the shape of a shamrock, then stick them through straws for a decorative St. Paddy’s touch. You can also freeze a few shamrocks in ice cubes for a cool twist, or top off your drinks with edible gold flakes. If you’re feeling classy, garnish your drink with an aromatic herb, such as rosemary, thyme, basil or cilantro. Other classic garnishes that happen to be green include olives, mint leaves and lime wedges.


Have fun garnishing your own drinks, and as long as there’s Guinness and a shot of whiskey to be had, you’ll be drinking and celebrating like the Irish. Cheers!

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