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Simple First Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day can be a fun and exciting holiday if you have a special someone to celebrate with. If it’s the first time you’re dressing in red, buying a box of chocolates and getting cozy with your significant other, it can be even more thrilling. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase just how much you care about them; Valentine’s Day is an excuse to be extra cutesy and sentimental, so take advantage of it!


If you’re starting to sweat at the thought of making the ideal Valentine and you have nothing prepared, don’t worry. Here are a few simple but meaningful first Valentine’s Day gifts to give your lover while celebrating this holiday together for the first time:


1. A Date Night Kit

You likely aren’t headed out for a Valentine’s night on the town this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in the comfort of your own home. Have a fun night in with a date night kit! You can easily make one with your favorite drink ingredients (alcoholic or not), a game, snacks, and more to make it an official celebratory night different from every other quarantine weekend. 


2. Your Favorite Photo Together, Framed

A simple yet sweet gesture, gifting a framed picture of the two of you can put a huge smile on your significant other’s face this Valentine’s Day.


3. A Sweet or Savory Treat

A box of chocolates is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but the sweet stuff isn’t for everyone. If your love generally goes for savory over sweet, get creative and fill a box with something like beef jerky instead.


4. A Bouquet of Flowers or a Fresh Houseplant 

Is there anything more traditional than gifting a vase full of seasonal flowers for Valentine’s Day? This is a kind gesture that doesn’t take it overboard, meaning it’s ideal for your first time celebrating the loving holiday together. A dozen roses, for example, is an element that helps to paint the perfect picture of a classic Valentine’s Day with your special someone. From a traditional bouquet of a dozen red roses to beautiful fresh succulents, we have something for everyone this Valentine’s Day!


There’s a lot of pressure put on Valentine’s Day gifts but all you really have to remember is making your Valentine feel special. That is what matters the most!

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