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Shower your loved one in roses in June

Roses are known to be the most romantic flower a person can give, and although they're commonly reserved for holidays and birthdays, the month of June can also be a perfect excuse to dole out these fabulous arrangements. June is National Rose Month and we're sure your someone special won't mind having a bouquet of gorgeous roses delivered to their work or home.

You might assume all colored roses have the same meaning, but the different hues actually all have different personalities, just like the people you give them to. Yellow roses historically stood for jealousy, but now represent friendship and happiness in the home. White roses symbolize purity and innocence as well as loyalty, while pink roses represent joy, beauty and admiration. Red are reserved for love, while orange roses signify great achievements.

Once you've figured out what message you want to convey to your sweetheart, it's easy to select a gorgeous bouquet to surprise her with. A collection like Teleflora's Dreaming in Pink may be the perfect option as this romantic bouquet of fresh flowers certainly makes a statement. The gorgeous pink stems are surrounded by lush greenery that flow over the edge of the classic footed flared vase.

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