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Send Mom One of These Mother’s Day Gifts to Impress

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, now’s a great time to start planning how you’ll spoil your mom for the special holiday. Whether you live down the street or thousands of miles away, there are plenty of different ways to show her how much you love and appreciate her, especially during these tough times. Even if you can’t get together for the special occasion, you can still send one — or all — of the following Mother’s Day gifts to her doorstep:


A Customized Illustration of the Family

It’s easy to place a family photo in a frame, wrap it up and call it a day. Plus, you’ve probably gifted this exact item plenty of times in the past. Your mom likely loved it every time, of course, but why not take it to the next level this year? Find a local artist who can create a customized illustration of the whole family. Include the immediate members, such as your siblings, your own children and any other grandchildren so your mother has a unique portrait of everyone.


A Sweet Treat Baked with Love

When was the last time your mother stepped outside of the kitchen and let someone bake her a dessert? Show her just how sweet she is by making her favorite treat. If she’s not a fan of sweets, give her a night off from the stove and cook a meal instead. Not only will she love the delicious dish, but she’ll also appreciate the kind and thoughtful gesture of giving her a chance to relax and enjoy herself while you handle the cooking.


A Lovely Bouquet of Flowers

Sometimes, something as simple as a vase of fresh flowers is the best Mother’s Day gift to give. At Teleflora, we can help you show your mom some love this year with seasonal splendor. Did you know the most popular Mother’s Day flowers are roses, lilies, orchids and tulips? We have dozens of different bouquets that showcase all of these traditional choices that are sure to put a huge smile on your mother’s face the second she opens the door and finds them on her welcome mat.


If you aren’t sure what to pick, check out of Deal of the Day bouquets. You just pick a price and one of our local florists will create a bouquet as unique and beautiful as your mom using the freshest, seasonal flowers available.


No matter what you send Mom this year as for Mother’s Day gifts, she will love it knowing that it came from you!

Pink and purple flowers fill a blue pitcher vase on a table

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