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Send Dad Some Love to Dad with These Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is a little over a week away. Whether you’re an expert gift-giver or a last-minute shopper, you might have hit a snag in your plans this year if you’ll be away from dad this Father’s Day. Maybe you’ve accidentally set your June travel plans to fall on Father’s Day weekend, or perhaps you’re living in a different city or state than your dad. No matter why you’re away, it’s essential that you send your love and appreciation for dad from a distance. Here are some Father Day gifts you can send dad, even from afar:

Send an e-Gift Card

Back in the day, gift cards could only be valid in hardcopy formats. In order to give someone a gift card, you had to either hand it to them in person or send it in a greeting card through the mail. Nowadays, people are sending gift cards electronically all the time. Not only is this an ideal option for sending a gift from a distance, it’s also a great last-minute gift option that will send immediately.

Chocolate-Covered Sweets

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, in many cases. Any dad with a sweet tooth will love to open up a box of chocolate-covered strawberries or cherries on his special day. There are plenty of businesses — both locally and nationally based — that bring hand-delivered sweets right to your dad, so he can enjoy his sugary snack throughout the day or over the course of the week. Every time he opens the box to get another treat, he’ll think of what he truly considers the sweetest part of his life: you.

Ship Some Kitchen Appliances

Fortunately, today’s Amazon-centric marketplace makes it easier than ever to send certain items through the mail. Maybe Chef Dad could use some materials to step up his cooking game. For the health-conscious dad who’s trying to give up his love of fried food, send him an air fryer, which significantly reduces the amount of calories and fat going into his meals. Send your grill master father some items to compliment his favorite way of outdoor cooking, like a selection of funky barbecue sauces or a smoker box to capture the flavor profiles he’s really looking for.

Subscription Box Membership

These days, men and women alike are drawn to monthly subscription boxes that arrive in the mail on a regular basis, containing everything from skin care remedies to movie-related collectibles. A fun, creative gift for dad could be a subscription to one of these services that best matches his interests. There are lots of other subscription boxes that are made for all types of dads. Have some fun finding the right box and customizing it to suit your father!

Flower Delivery

If dad takes pride in the hominess his living space, he might appreciate something that will spice up any room. A nicely crafted bouquet of flowers can brighten his day, especially if he’s sad to be away from his child. Shop from our broad selection of Father’s Day flowers to find the right gift for dads with all types of tastes, from quirky and fun to simple and classic.

No matter what you send Dad for Father’s Day, it’s the thought that counts. We’re sure a call on his special day would suffice, but there’s nothing like spoiling the big guy every once and a while.succulents in blue truck vase next to record player

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