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Relax with Lavender at Home

After the excitement of entering the new year fades, January can be a relatively drab month. Even after the holiday decorations are put away, it feels like forever before you can get back in the groove of a normal routine. Plus, the chilly weather makes it easy to catch a cold, or at the very least feel constantly tired and run down. Escape the dreariness of winter and treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation. With its multitude of health benefits, here’s how to relax with lavender at home:


Lavender-Infused Spa Day

Lavender is available in several forms, including aromatherapy oil, bath gels, lotions, soaps, candles and teas. All of the above can have natural, soothing effects to improve your overall well-being and reduce your stress levels. Load up on Dr. Teal’s lavender-infused Epsom salts or soaking solutions for a bath you’ll never want to leave. Lather on a hydrating lavender-vanilla lotion when you do eventually get out, and soak in the soothing aroma as you lay down for a nap. Sounds like a Sunday afternoon from heaven, doesn’t it?


Feel Better Soon

If you’re feeling run down, lavender could be the answer to your troubles. This soothing herb has been used to treat a variety of health problems, such as headaches, muscle pains, allergies, skin irritations, inflammation, burns, toothaches and nausea. Lavender is widely believed to reduce anxiety, especially when drinking it in tea or taking lavender oil capsules. The essential oil provides the most versatility for experiencing all of lavender’s healing benefits. You can add it to your bath water to relieve dry skin and sore muscles, dab on dry skin to ease irritation and itchiness or rub it on your temples to calm nerves and alleviate headache pain.


A Better Night’s Rest

Lavender also has medicinal powers for those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. Even if you don’t, simply having lavender in your bedroom can help you sleep better at night. Sprinkle dried lavender or the essential oil on your pillows, put some in a vase by your bed or use a diffuser with lavender oil. You can also put dried lavender or oil in your tea for a relaxing drink before bed. If you have a baby at home, you can add a couple drops to their bath to help them sleep well at night. For toddlers, sprinkle dried lavender or drops of the essential oil on stuffed animals or blankets.


Soothing Décor

For chic yet comforting décor, you can also arrange dried lavender sprigs in a few glass jars and line them up along a mantle or window sill. Pick up a small lavender plant at your local store or even plant a lavender bush in your garden. You can fill your home or office with the soothing aroma of this healing flower whenever you want!


Feeling more relaxed already? It’s time to add these magical flowers to your life and truly feel their benefits. Relax with lavender at home and let your worries melt away.

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