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Plants to Purify the Air in Your Home This Fall

Though it seems like summer was just yesterday, fall is flying by and winter is around the corner. Though you may have not given your home a second thought when you were spending so much time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, as the air gets colder, you’ll be indoors more. Just like you tidy your home in the spring, you should clean it out in the fall too, to prepare it for a season full of cozy evenings indoors. A great way to purify the air is to incorporate some fall flower arrangements and house plants into your decor. You can even order flowers online, so they can come right to your front door and you can have more time to cleanse and decorate! Here are some fresh flowers and plants to invest in:


Scented Geraniums
If you’re seeking a flower that matches your home decor, look no further than the scented geranium! With over 200 varieties of this flower, you’re sure to find a plant in any color you could need. They grow indoors or outdoors, as long as they’re kept in a sunny area. If you’re already growing geraniums outdoors, consider digging them up and putting them in a pot to keep inside instead of allowing your plant to die in the elements this winter.


Also known as a Hindu rope plant or wax plant, hoya plants are gorgeous tropical plants that can thrive in an indoor environment. The leaves are thick and waxy, and pretty all on their own. However, hoya cannot be beat when the blooms begin coming in. These pink, purple and white flowers grow in a ball shape, and are so symmetrical, guests will be astounded when they find out that this flower is actually real. In order for your hoya to thrive, keep them in indirect sunlight in a well-draining pot. During the winter, make sure your hoya’s soil doesn’t stay wet.


There is an art to keeping an orchid plant thriving, but when you can do so, there are few that will be more rewarding. These gorgeous, delicate flowers require bright light, but not direct sunlight. It’s also important to plant them in shallow pots. Allow your orchid’s soil to dry out between waterings, but don’t hesitate to mist the flowers with a spray bottle in order to keep the plant at a safe humidity level. If you find that your once-thriving orchid has stopped blooming, despite taking great care of it, you may need to re-pot it because the roots have outgrown the current pot.


Peace lily
Peace lilies are one of the most simple houseplants to care for. While most of it is foliage, making it great for air purifying, the little white blooms are what make it look so elegant. These plants can thrive in any amount of light, however, the more light they’re exposed to, the more flowers will bloom. They don’t need a whole lot of water and tolerate drying out better than being over-watered.


Adding plants to your home is the perfect way to not only add some decor pieces, but clean the air from any toxins that might be in the air. Tell us which one you favorite is and shop for more of your favorite indoor plants.

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