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Pet-Friendly Plants and Flowers for Dad This Father’s Day

If your dad isn’t a flower kind of guy, we have plenty of plant options that are the perfect for his home or office. If Dad has cats or dogs in the house though, Here are a few pet-friendly plants and flowers for Dad this Father’s Day:


Also known as zebra or peacock plants, calathea plants are made up of large, gorgeous striped leaves, according to The Spruce. This plant is safe for cats and dogs, but be sure to place it in a shady area of your home – too much sun can cause discoloration.

Teleflora’s option: Stately Lilies, a gorgeous arrangement of calla lilies and white roses accented with tropical greenery like Italian ruscus, salal, calathea leaves, sword fern and aspidistra leaves.


A popular flower that’s simple to care for, the orchid is also a pet-friendly option. The best part? These plants can last year-round and generally only need a few ice cubes a weekly basis to stay alive. In other words, this is the perfect choice for the dad who is just getting into plants.

Teleflora’s option: Divine Orchid, a beautiful planter made up of two miniature lavender phalaenopsis plants that are gracefully accompanied by gravel and moss.


Just like the orchid, succulents are another trendy option that your dad will love and find very easy to take care of. It’s important to remember that haworthia may look just like some of its succulent brothers or sisters, but they’re not all pet-friendly.

Teleflora’s option: Teleflora’s Modern Mood Succulent Garden, makes a perfect option for a modern home. It includes a variegated sansevieria plant, large green echeveria succulent plant, a green haworthia zebra succulent plant and a green sedum succulent plant and is encased in a geometric planter.

African Violet

A colorful plant that’s safe for furry friends and requires very little maintenance? Introducing the African violet, another ideal option for dad. It doesn’t require much light and it just needs to stay moist.

Teleflora’s option: The Sweet Violet Trio, which makes the perfect planter near the window. It’s made up of two lavender African violet plants and one purple African violet plant that are arranged in a natural woven basket.

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