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Perfect Host Gifts This Holiday

During the holiday season, you’re probably attending a lot of social gatherings. Whether it’s an ugly sweater party, an annual Christmas shindig, or a lavish New Year’s Eve affair, it’s important that you exercise proper party-going etiquette and let the host know how much you appreciate being invited. After all, having a party is hard work! Here are a few thoughtful gifts for your hosts this holiday season:



For the holiday season, there is no shortage of Christmas flowers and centerpieces from Teleflora that your host will appreciate. This is a great option if you’re traveling a long distance and already are tight on space. Rather than bringing the bouquet right to the party when the host is rushing around to get everything settled, consider having the flowers delivered before the day or afterward. This way, your host will be able to relax and enjoy the flowers.



Depending on the personal tastes of the host and the dish he or she is serving, there are a few ways to go about choosing the perfect wine for a party. For example, if you are very close with the host and know his or her wines of choice, bring a bottle that you know he or she will enjoy. It can be brought out during the party or saved for later when it’s time to relax. However, not everyone will be close enough with the host to know his or her favorite vino. If this is the case, choose a wine that pairs well with the main entree of the meal. Wine Spectator suggests matching the richness of the meal to the body of the wine. So find out what will be served before deciding on a wine.



It may seem silly to give your host food when the holidays have people so loaded with leftovers. However, if they just made a big dinner for a group of people, the last thing they’ll want to do tomorrow is cook again. Any other time of year, a dessert is a great host gift, but during the holidays, he or she will probably appreciate something heartier. Consider a stew, casserole or even a lasagna for the host to heat up for dinner the next day. If you have a signature dish that you know he or she loves, bring that in a disposable container. This isn’t a very popular host gift, so chances are, you won’t have to worry about her or him receiving an abundance of meals.


A Personal Touch Gift

If your best friend or a close family member is having a holiday affair this year, you probably know him or her well enough to take a more personal route when it comes to gifts. If you know the host prefers rye whiskey to bourbon, bring a nice bottle of rye. If he/she has an affinity for fancy cheeses, consider a cheese board. Not only is choosing a personal present a good way to ensure that your host won’t be inundated with bottles of wine, but you also know that the gift will be used and appreciated.

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