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4 Outdoor Decorations for Your Next Summer Party

You might be ready to ring in summer with a backyard bash, inviting some of your best friends and family members to make memories and take advantage of the beautiful weather. It’s not a party without decorations, right? We’ve been loving the rustic style that’s been popular on Pinterest and Instagram over the past few summers. That’s why we suggest bringing a dainty, rustic flair to your backyard summer party by adorning the space with unforgettable decorative pieces. Here are some of our top ideas for outdoor decorations for your summer party:

Wood Signs

An easy, fun way to add some personality to your backyard – whether you’re having a party or just lounging on your patio – is to add a small wood sign with a quirky expression or fun illustration. You can head over to a home decor store to buy a premade sign or, if you’re feeling creative, you can make one yourself. Buy a wooden canvas – we’d recommend a 1′ by 2′ piece – and some paint at your closest craft store. Get creative by painting a summer-themed image, like a starfish or beach landscape. Or stick to a fun phrase, whether it’s a sarcastic pun or an inspirational quote. The best part? If you mess up, you just have to wait for it to dry, paint over it and start all over!

String Lights

No outdoor decoration is quite as eye-catching as an adornment of string lights hung across the length of your patio area. Now, we aren’t telling you to go up to your attic to grab the holiday string lights you use to decorate the front of your home in the winter months. Instead, head over to your local home furnishings store and get a whimsical set of string lights with larger bulbs than you would see from a set of Christmas lights. The rustic look of warm-toned string lights hung at roof height along your back porch or patio will allow you to transition your summer party from day to night in no time.

Mason Jar Candles

One of the cheapest crafts you can make to use at this party – and just have around the house – are Mason jar candles. All you need to buy to make this craft are jars, candles and some ribbon for added decoration. It’s one of the easiest, most economical ways to bring a rustic flair to your backyard that is sure to impress your guests.

Rustic Flower Bouquets

Whether the day of your party is a sunny or cloudy day, nothing adds some flair to your outdoor area quite like flowers. If you have a green thumb, you might already have some gorgeous flowers and greenery growing in your backyard. If your outdoor space is looking a little lackluster, a few flower arrangements can go a long way. Accent the tops of your tables with stunning bouquets in complementary colors. If you’d like to go along with the rustic look, aim for light-colored bouquets and interesting vases. You can browse our selection of summer flowers for the right arrangements that will perfectly pop at your summer shindig.summer flower coktails

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    Outdoor parties in any season are the best, and the best part of decorations for these are flowers. Yes, you have a flower for every season and for every reason, just picking the right ones can set the tone for a great event. Thanks for sharing this blog here.

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