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Our Favorite Christmas Centerpieces for Your Holiday Get-Togethers

The holiday season is finally here, and it’s a beautiful time to reconnect with loved ones. With everybody coming together, it may seem stressful trying to make your home feel festive and warm. Don’t make it too hard on yourself! Adorning your home with dazzling bouquets and centerpieces is a classic and simple way to brighten your most intimate spaces for get-togethers throughout the season. 

Christmas Bouquets and Centerpieces for Your Next Holiday Gathering

You can bring the Christmas spirit into your home today with Teleflora’s Vintage Sleigh Ride Bouquet or Teleflora’s Snowy Surprise Bouquet. With red carnations, white button spray chrysanthemums and variegated holly, these fun and festive arrangements are sure to bring cheer to any family get-together. 

If your holidays usually involve amazing meals around the table with your friends and family, then a Christmas centerpiece may be the perfect addition to the mix. Arrangements like Teleflora’s Vintage Stoneware Centerpiece or Teleflora’s Christmas Heirloom Centerpiece are exquisite accessories to your Christmas gatherings. Serve up holiday cheer this season with these red roses, red carnations, spray chrysanthemums and white pine.Red roses and greenery fill a red stoneware centerpiece on christmas table

Other Holiday Bouquets to Consider

While the holidays are an amazing time to brighten your home with flowers for get-togethers, it’s harder if your loved ones aren’t close by. If your friends and family are too far to see, you can send these jovial arrangements as gifts to cheer up their holidays. If you’ve been looking to gift a loved one with flowers, browse through some of our favorite bouquets and Christmas flowers today.

Making sure your home is ready for the holidays doesn’t have to be complicated. Dressing up your home with elegant and spirited bouquets is the classic way to put your loved ones in a festive mood. Maybe it will even make you want to spend more time at home together, which is really what matters most this season.


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