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October Birth Flower: The Marigold

Individuals born in the month of October are lucky! They have a beautiful birth flower, the marigold. These stunning blooms are perfect for mid-fall, as their colors are rich, autumnal oranges, golds and yellows. Like the peak foliage that occurs during this month, marigolds are bright and bold.

The History of Marigolds

These flowers have served more purposes than simply looking nice. In ancient Greece, Rome, India and Middle Eastern cultures, people used marigolds for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Treating health issues
  • Dying fabrics for clothing
  • Seasoning foods
  • Producing makeup and other cosmetics

The Aztecs on the other hand used marigolds for a less conventionally practical reason. This culture believed these flowers had magical elements, and used marigolds as a defensive force during battles and other dangers.


The Meaning of Marigolds

Marigolds have many different meanings. The popular bright orange marigold symbolizes passion and creativity. Other meanings of marigolds of all colors include:

  • Cheer and joy
  • Despair
  • Strength
  • Grace
  • Remembrance of the dead
  • The desire to be successful


Sending the October Birth Flower

Unfortunately, marigolds do not last when removed from their soil. Therefore, they aren’t a great flower to send to someone with an October birthday unless you are planting it for them. Instead, consider sending another festive fall flower arrangement to a loved one. Orange roses, alstroemeria, mums and gerbera may not be the October birth flower, but they embody the essences of fall.


If you love the excitement of the October birth flower, consider planting them in your yard. This can be an effective way to celebrate this elegant flower while extending their life span and preventing them from wilting. Marigolds are known for being hardy plants that can survive during all times of year, as long as they get an adequate amount of sunlight.

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