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November Birth Flower: The Chrysanthemum

You’ve heard of birthstones, but what about birth flowers? Just like the popular semi-precious gems, different flowers are connected to each month of the year. It just so happens that the November’s birth flower is the  chrysanthemum. You’ll see this humble and seasonal blossom gracing fall gardens, birthday bouquets and front porches around the country all month long. Learn more about November’s birth flower the chrysanthemum and the meaning behind sending this type of flower.


Chrysanthemum Meaning and Symbolism

As with birthstones, each month’s flower has a specific and often beautiful meaning. November-born folk may be interested to learn that chrysanthemums mean lasting, affectionate relationships, close connections with family and friends, and cheerfulness and loyalty. The flower is a bright spot at the beginning of what many people feel will be a long winter season, and its bold colors present a certain joy when blooming in a fall garden, as part of a bouquet, or in a pretty planter outside the home.


Celebrate with Chrysanthemums

If you know that your November-born friend or loved one has a green thumb, you may want to gift them a beautiful pot bursting full of bold chrysanthemums. Be sure to communicate the meaning of this blossom – it might be something new and interesting they can discover. Rather send a prearranged birthday gift? You can select a bouquet of flowers in which chrysanthemums play the starring role. First, decide whether you’d like to send a seasonal arrangement or something that is more universally celebratory. This will help you decide on the colors; something more fall-like will feature orange and yellow chrysanthemums, while a “just because” or “happy birthday” bouquet may incorporate more red and purple flowers with whites, pinks and other pastels.


Mum Bouquets You’ll Love

Chrysanthemums bouquets from Teleflora are known for conveying pure intention. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Heirloom Crock Bouquet – complete with a hand-glazed stoneware crock and mums accented by seeded eucalyptus, lemon and more.
  • Baby’s Wow Wagon – if a friend, family member or colleague gives birth to a baby in November, send this special bouquet. Delivered with a shiny red wagon and yellow, red and white blooms that shine with life, it’s the perfect gift to place in a nursery.
  • Sunflower Farm Centerpiece – you can’t beat yellow sunflowers, burgundy mums, peach roses and huckleberry hand arranged in an oven-to-table stoneware dish.

orange roses, carnations, and mums in burnt orange crock

Learning about birth flowers can be fun for both the sender and the recipient, and everyone will gain a bit of insight into how and why certain arrangements are selected for certain occasions. And next time someone’s birthday arrives, you can select a celebratory bouquet with a more nuanced meaning and a bit more history.

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