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Names inspired by nature: Celebs and flowers

Names inspired by nature: Celebs and flowers

A name says a lot about someone's persona, spirit and traits. So it's no wonder many parents have chosen names for their children inspired by beautiful flowers. However, did you know that some flowers are also named after famous people? Some of the most legendary celebrities now have a special species of blossom named for them that will perpetuate their fame long after they're gone. These are just some of the stars that have been named after flowers, and vice versa:

Famous people named for flowers

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one supermodel that has been named after a blossom. According to The Telegraph, the name "Rose" initially emerged as a Norman version of the German name Hrodheid, which has a combined meaning of "bright" and "kind." Now, however, the name is usually tied to the flower, and it's fitting, as she's one of the world's most stunning models.

The model Daisy Lowe is a similar example. The Telegraph noted that the name Daisy is associated with the cheery bloom and first became a common in the Victorian era. Still, it remains somewhat popular- it was number 20 on the most used girls names in Britain last year. Lily Cole is yet another British model and actress whose name is botany-inspired.

There are other celebrities that have been named after lilies, too, such as the pop singer Lily Allen and famous comedienne Lily Tomlin.

The trend continues…

Over the years, plant and flower names have fluctuated in popularity, according to The Huffington Post. The news source noted that flower names such as Violet, May, Daisy and Iris were all in the top 100 in the Edwardian era. However, by 1974, there was only one plant name in that list. Then things took a turn: By 1996, there were nine floral names in the top 100, and in 2011, Lily even climbed to the top 10, with Daisy close behind.

Now, some of the hottest celebrities are continuing to name their children after blooms, perpetuating the trend.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise selected the unusual name Suri for their newborn, which according to Parents magazine is the Persian word for "rose."

Jude Law and his former wife Sadie Frost decided on the Greek name Iris for their daughter, who was born in 2000. In addition to being associated with the breathtaking blossom, the name also means "rainbow."

When Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, welcomed her bundle of joy in 2006, she opted for the name Bluebell after the springtime flowers, which Parents magazine noted are currently at risk of extinction.

The celebrity chef Jamie Oliver can't seem to stray from floral names – his first daughter with wife Juliette is named Poppy Honey, Latin for "from the flower," and his second daughter's name, Daisy Boo, is Old English for "daisy flower."

Flowers named for famous people

You know someone has hit a new level of fame when they have a flower named after them.

Most recently, The Huffington Post reported that Duke University named a new genus of flowers after Lady Gaga: The "Gaga monstraparva" and "Gaga germanotta."

Before that, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were both given the same honor with a clematis.

Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner, Bing Crosby and Barbra Streisand all have legendary singing voices, and they also each had a rose named after them.

What flower could possibly encapsulate's iconic beauty? The hybrid tea rose, a strain of which was also named after another blonde bombshell: Dolly Parton.

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