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Music Festival Season – Nail the Gypsy Look

Music Festival Season – Nail the Gypsy Look

Summer is coming, and with it outdoor music festivals that beg you to kick off your shoes, dance in the grass and adorn your hair with a gypsy flower crown. For a guide to help you figure out the best blooms for your song-filled summer nights, check out the list below:

Daisy chain

Go for simple elegance when you select daisies to tuck behind your ear or weave into a delicate crown. You can find these beautiful blooms in snowy white or sunny yellow tones that will brighten your whole look and give you a fresh-as-a-daisy feel! Let Teleflora's cheerful Upsy Daisy bouquet inspire you.

Lovely lily

Lilies pack a punch when you incorporate them into a hairstyle. Choose one or two lily flowers to pin in a carefree bun for the most staying power, because these flowers are big enough to impress everyone! Whether you want a subtle feminine color like pink or white, or a bold and bright blossom in orange or yellow, a lily in your hair will surely get you noticed! Check out the beautiful collection of lilies from Teleflora, like the bright and bold Sunsplash arrangement or the delicate and feminine Isle of White bouquet, for more ideas.

Pretty as a rose

Create a timeless look for your next outdoor festival by opting for delicate spray roses in your hair. Teleflora's Rose Rapture bouquet is the perfect example of the beauty of the classic rose, mixing traditional roses with smaller sprays to create depth and dimension. Create your own look by making a headband decorated with roses, or entwine them together to make a stunning and scented garland.

Pick a peony

Peonies have been a favorite of brides for years, so why not imitate that look yourself with a big, bold peony bud behind one ear? You'll look exotic and smell great too! Teleflora's Pretty in Peony shows you how to mix a delicate pink peony with the crisp white of a lacy hydrangea to create a bouquet that is as beautiful as you are!

DIY peony headband>p>

Create with carnations

Carnations are versatile flowers that are light enough to stay in your carefully arranged coiffeur, but deliver a pop of color in different tones, from red and pink to white and green! Let Teleflora's collection of carnation bouquets like the Make Her Day arrangement demonstrate how creative you can be with this classic bud.

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