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Most fragrant flowers for any space

Most fragrant flowers for any space

Flowers do more for the home than provide decoration – their pleasant scents, each highly unique, can evoke an inviting environment. But which ones are ideal for creating a strong aroma? Any of these can do well as a centerpiece for entertaining guests in the dining room, on an office desktop or even as a welcoming ornament to enhance the foyer.


For centuries, roses have been used in perfumes and beauty products for their delicate and subtle scent. EWedding explained these roses can be great centerpieces on their own, but can also act as a great complement to other botanicals. The news source revealed that older varieties, such as "Blanc Double de Coubert" and "Souvenir de la Malmaison," can be especially fragrant, but so are many newer types such as "Double Delight" and "Fragrant Cloud." However, it's important to note that many of the hybrid tea roses do not have a scent.


BlueRidgeNow asserted that these flowers are a Southern tradition – and for good reason. These blooms have a sweet, glamorous scent that can truly evoke a sense of hospitality. EWedding noted that it's best to only incorporate a few of these blossoms into a centerpiece as their fragrance can be potentially overwhelming.


The old-fashioned white and purple vining varieties of petunias are the most fragrant, according to BlueRidgeNow. The source compared their aroma to a lily-like fragrance.


There's a reason that peonies are a popular wedding flower. EWedding reported that these glowers have a strong perfume that is both fresh and perfectly appropriate for summer. 


The newer varieties of Magnolias are smaller and therefore more suited for the average home. BlueRideNow explained that these flowers have a particularly delightful scent, regardless of their size.

Regardless of the room or occasion, any of these flowers are ideal for creating a naturally pleasant aroma in your home, adding to the ambience for all guests that enter.

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