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Lunar New Year Flowers for Growth and Good Fortune

Cue the Chinese lanterns, colorful markets, dragon dance and red clothes for good luck – it’s time to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  It is one of the most beloved celebrations in the world. A holiday deeply rooted in symbolism, it’s traditional to decorate for the Lunar New Year with flowers that represent rebirth, growth, prosperity and good luck. Celebrate the holiday with these expressive Lunar New Year flowers:



This beautiful flower plant symbolizes happiness, harmony and balance. Azaleas are also thought to represent thoughtfulness. It’s common for families to have them at the front of their home to present guests with a new year greeting. While it blooms in several colors, red is the traditional azalea choice for the Lunar New Year.



The peony is the flower of riches and honor. In general, peonies are associated with femininity, peace, innocence and charm. Keeping with the characteristic color of the holiday, red peonies further represent good luck and fortune. They are also known as fortuitous flowers that inspire a prosperous new year.



One of the most auspicious flowers for the Lunar New Year, this unique flower symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Plus, they bring even more good luck and fortune if they bloom on the special day. With their bright color, sweet scent and delicate petals, these blooms are also lovingly referred to as water fairy flowers.


Water Lilies

Similar to water fairy flowers, this pure white, fragrant bloom is a Lunar New Year favorite. Along with their soothing aroma, water lilies thrive in a shallow dish of water, giving them a calming and delicate appearance. They have several meanings, including rebirth, optimism, peace, good fortune and enlightenment.


Peach Blossoms

You’ll find plenty of these blossoms at flower markets and in homes to decorate for the holiday. They’re sacred in Chinese culture, making it customary to put these flowers in valuable, extravagant vases. They represent romance, growth and longevity, and many believe they ignite romantic luck for those who are single. This makes them popular among young people looking for love in the upcoming year.



This elegant flower symbolizes fertility, luxury, beauty, wealth and luck. Orchids also signify abundance, which is fitting for the limitless supply of these beauties at the festival’s flower markets. This is because a bouquet or potted orchid is one of the most common gifts for friends and family during the celebrations. No matter the color or variety, this flower is a beloved bloom for the new year.


Lucky Bamboo

This traditional Chinese plant symbolizes strength, longevity, happiness and good health. Plus, the thin stalks bend, twist and twirl into various shapes, including a figure-eight form that represents wealth. Lucky bamboo brings good fortune and harmony into homes year-round, but it’s custom to decorate the plant with red ribbons and lucky ornaments for this exciting holiday.


Decorate your own home with these uplifting flowers or send a bouquet  filled with lucky wishes to friends and family. Here’s to a fabulous year!

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