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Live it up for Labor Day

Labor Day is less than a week away and the long weekend has come to be associated with the unofficial end of summer. The weekend is really the last time for families and friends to get together to enjoy the warm weather before school and other commitments start to take over calendars.

HubPages.com reports Labor Day was created to celebrate workers rights and the triumphs the labor moment gained over centuries, starting in 1882. The first Labor Day celebration was organized by Peter J. McGuire, a carpenter and one of the leaders of the American union movement. Along with other union members, he organized a march of more than 10,000 workers from New York's City Hall to Union Square in 1882. The group then celebrated with a picnic, concert and speeches.

A great way to honor the day off from work is to host a fun potluck-style barbeque at your home or at a nearby lake or ocean. Make sure to bring along the necessary items including beach blankets, chairs, grills and fun activities for the kids to help keep everyone entertained during the gathering. Embrace the American spirit of the day by purchasing festive flowers like the Weber King of the Grill by Teleflora to use as a centerpiece during the fete. This collection of blue delphinium, red carnations, blue statice and spiral eucalyptus come in a replica of the classic Weber kettle grill.  

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