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Learn About the International Floriculture Trade Fair

Trade shows are a time for industry professionals to see what’s new in the business, to share ideas and to come together for a few days, ensconced in their chosen field. These events can, quite honestly, be a blast. People make connections with business leaders, mentors and their peers, learn from each other and, yes, enjoy some fun, themed parties. Believe it or not, even florists have the chance to come together at their own big industry event – the International Floriculture Trade Fair, which takes place annually in the Netherlands. Not a bad destination for a big event, now is it?

2017 marks the show’s eighth annual year in existence, and it runs from Nov. 8 to 10. And why do thousands of international florists descend upon the area? According to the official website, it is beneficial for both exhibitors and visitors. The former have the opportunity to meet with buyers and expand their customer base, in addition to developing additional contacts who can help them build up their business. Those who attend for personal or professional pursuits will see new product offerings, hopefully expand their contacts and customers, and discover what’s coming next. Additionally, the show is in close proximity to the FloraHolland Trade Fair, and both are held in the same week to enable those connected to all things floral to maximize their time. Learn more about the International Floriculture Trade Fair and what amazing experience it is for everyone:

Blooms on Display
Even the most casual flower-fan can thrill to the beautiful bouquets and arrangements which will be on display at the fair. The building is made of glass, which allows in plenty of light and the feeling of expansive space, which is ideal for bloom-browsing. Guests will be able to thoroughly experience the colors of all the different flowers and the fragrances as they walk past each booth. And the World of Flowers is a glorious extension of the fair, at which florists have the chance to learn more about beautiful blossoms and to connect with others in the industry. Participants can sign up for special workshops like one that explores the impact of fragrance and color on floristry, hosted by a famed Belgian florist. Another featured presentation will look at how florists can entice customers with fragrances, color and shape, with the intention of providing inspiration for new bouquets, arrangements and other techniques.

Treat Yourself Upon Your Return
Those who attend this year’s event will have visions of decadent blossoms dancing through their heads, so it can be hard to return back to normality. To remain surrounded by the fragrances you experience in the Netherlands, why not treat yourself to an arrangement at home? You can select flowers that remind you of your experience, or that you may not have considered bringing into your home. Either way, a pretty arrangement – or two! – can help you feel like your trip will keep going just a little bit longer.

Whether you decide to attend for business or pleasure, there is plenty to learn, see, and smell at the International Floriculture Trade Fair. It will be an unforgettable experience for any flower fan.

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